Nemnet Diversity Faculty Recruitment Workshop
10/16/2017, 1-4pm
Overcoming Obstacles to Recruiting Minority Teachers, Administrators and Coaches

This workshop will focus on the challenges, best practices and strategies associated with minority faculty and staff recruitment.
It will leverage over 18 years of diversity recruitment experience and is designed to empower individuals and institutions with information and resources to maximize their recruitment efforts. It will provide a framework for change and improve effectiveness of current and future work.
It promises that participants will leave with concrete, tangible tips and strategies along with a comprehensive plan to address their individual obstacles and needs.

Participants will:
• Learn how and where to access information and resources that will assist them in meeting their diversity goals
• Learn how to implement best practices and proven minority recruitment strategies
• Develop a Supply Network and Create a Recruitment Plan
• Take the Nemnet Minority Recruitment Assessment Test [nMRAT] to assess individual obstacles and needs.

Audience: Board Members, School Leadership, Heads of School, HR Managers, Division Heads, Diversity Practitioners and all individuals directly responsible for faculty and staff recruitment.


• Recruitment Obstacles and Challenges
• Candidate Prospecting [Niche vs Mainstream Recruitment]
• 6 Dimensions of Successful Minority Recruitment [Best Practices]
• Supply Sources [Increasing your exposure and access to qualified candidates of color]
• Position Announcements
• Screening, Selection and Interview Bias
• Recruitment Calendar & Timeline
• Recruitment Finance 101
• mRAT Review and Scoring
• Evaluation, Feedback and Accountability
• Leveraging Technology & Social Media


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