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I attended the nemnet Diversity Career Fair in Atlanta. . . It was the most effective I have ever been to. It was productive, stress-free, supportive, informative and organized. I recommend and appreciate the format. Thank you.

- Marva Shelton, Candidate


 Employer Testimonials

Hi Vanessa. . . I have had to place multiple job postings using different sites this week and I can relay to you now that not only was your website the easiest and most direct to navigate – but I also greatly appreciate the prompt and professional attention to my inquiries. . Thanks so much for your courteous and informative support.
--Sandy Kapica, Director of Human Resources - Holy Cross Prep Academy
Dear Warren. . . Working with you was inspiring and compelling! That you were able to capture Marlborough's community of leaders for 3 hours, 2 days before spring break is a significant testament to the value of what you shared with us! We are a tough crowd, and you challenged us, taught us much, and gave us practical tools that we can use to up our diversity hiring game! Jennifer Ciccarelli, Head of School, Marlborough School
--Jennifer Ciccarelli, Head of School, Marlborough School
Warren and his team at NEMNET have crafted such an intentional and useful cultural competency training that covers so many aspects of recruiting, hiring, and retaining candidates of color. Each of our teachers and staff who regularly serve on hiring committees left the session feeling more equipped with the tools they need to review resumes, interview candidates, and think about school culture in a new way. Our hiring committee valued their time in this session and we aim to offer this professional development to our entire faculty moving forward.
--Aletha Haynes, Primary Division Head (Grades K-2), The School at Columbia
Thank you so much for the incredibly powerful workshop you gave to our schools here in Albuquerque. Not only was it extremely informative, but also your workshop really helped start to shift the narrative at our school from "there's nothing we can do" to "wow, we have a lot to do!" I'm meeting later today with our leadership team in order to start building an action plan for diversity recruiting, something I know would not be happening if it weren't for your workshop. Thank you so much!
--Julia Kingsdale, Dean of Equity, Community, and Culture at Bosque School
The NEMNET retention webinar is one of the most worthwhile learning events of its kind. Highly recommend it to others!
--Bethany Dickerson Wynder, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives - St. Paul's School
Hi, Warren. It's worth noting that our department chairs, one after the other, let us know that this was the best PD session they have ever had. And if you remember the long tenures of people in the room, that's an extraordinary compliment! Thank you for sharing your expertise and for pushing us. I know everyone is eager for follow-up work with you. Cheers, Kate
--Kate M. A. Caspar, Associate Head of School - Winsor School
The session was powerful, I learned many simple strategies for recruitment and retention. I will definitely keep NEMNET in the forefront for training on teacher diversity work!
--Ken Nickson, Jr., Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Erie's Public Schools
". . . I am so grateful to have been able to attend your Diversity Faculty Recruitment Training Workshop, it was incredible! I was grateful for all of the tips and information you shared and how engaging it was. Thank you for your time and enabling me to bring this knowledge to our wonderful school and future candidates! Elise Moran Recruiter Milton Hershey School
--Elise Moran, Recruiter Milton Hershey School
. . I found your webinar to be valuable beyond measure. Full disclosure, the thought of a 3-hour webinar was daunting, but it was informative, helpful and the time flew by. I believe the webinar should be a pre-requisite for any NEMNET member school to be granted access to your database.
--Jamel Keels, Head of School at Waterside School
This was the most worthwhile, informative conference of which I've been a part in my career. I recommend, without reservation, NEMNET for anyone interested in diversifying their faculty.
--Max Kennedy, Middle School Science Coordinator, Brunswick School
The Overcoming Obstacle to Recruiting Faculty of Color workshop led by Warren Reid was exceptional. I left the training with practical, research backed tools that I can start implementing immediately. Looking at things through the lens of a Diversity Recruiter helped identify some areas of growth in our school's resume screening and interview process. Warren's suggestion to redefine our definition of success helps the task of creating a more diverse candidate pool for open vacancies less daunting.
--Kathy Frogosa, HR Coordinator, Norfolk Collegiate
This workshop was amazing. I knew we were doing a lot of things right in the way of recruiting and retaining candidates of color, but I was empowered and encouraged after this webinar. It gave me new and creative ideas for job postings, some additional thoughts on how to amend my job postings and lots of resources for recruiting a more diverse workforce. It was incredibly helpful and the three hours FLEW by! Highly recommend!"
--Shannon Duckett, Director of Human Resources, St. Paul's Schools,MD
This was the best workshop/webinar that I've participated in since I became an administrator 7 years ago. I have already spoken with our Head of School to implement many of the strategies that were shared. Please continue to do the good work.
--Jean-Paul Ouellette, Dean of Faculty, Drew School
NEMNET demystified the recruitment process, and showed that although it is not rocket science, it does require intentionality and resource allocation. But by showing where those resources should go, they help overcome that initial barrier to recruiting employees from marginalized groups
--Kojo Clarke, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, New Canaan Country School
The presentation on Overcoming Obstacles to hiring was practical, informational, and well-organized. I appreciated that Warren frequently stopped to ask for questions and thoughts, and the resource guide only enhanced the work. Definitely worth it, and we now have plenty of action steps that are actually doable!
--Toni Cross, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Student Life, Hathaway Brown School
Thank you again for Monday's training session. It was compelling and helped us expand our thinking and skills in the area of hiring. Thank you for coming to Lab to share your expertise. It was truly invaluable.
--Diana Meltzer, Associate Head of School, Lab School of Washington
Each time I engage with NEMNET, I leave with a new action, approach, or takeaway. . . NEMNET's research about minority recruitment and retention is wholly invaluable and should be required for all key hiring managers/Heads of School.
--Corie Fogg, Director of Curriculum & Professional Development, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart
NEMNET [FALL] Diversity Recruitment Workshop: I wish my Head of School and Board had been here!
--Ms. Constance Borro, Mathematics Dept Chair, Columbus School for Girls
The Diversity Recruitment Workshop presented by NEMNET was outstanding! It was by far the most informative session I have attended that not only enlightened us, but also called us to action regarding this very important topic. Definitely a MUST ATTEND workshop for both public and private schools who are serious about diversity in the workplace.
--Gloria Leeks
. . . since you and I last communicated, the consortium of districts that we created held the first Quad Village Minority Recruitment Fair! It was very successful and a direct application of the learning we gained from working with you. Thank you again.
--Julia D. Drake, Principal, Springhurst Elementary School
Nemnet's workshop is an invaluable introduction on how to recruit and retain a more diverse faculty. They provides convincing evidence, valuable insight, and a clear roadmap for any educational institution looking to improve in this all-important area. I cannot recommend the experience highly enough.
--Michael Eckert, Dean of Academic Life, The Hotchkiss School
The NEMNET Minority Recruitment Workshop was one of the best I have ever attended. Warren Reid, NEMNET's founder was able to address the challenges of hiring a diverse faculty and I took away lots of concrete strategies that will help me move my school from being simply concerned about having a more diverse faculty to being fully committed to making that a reality.
--Tim Quinn, Academic Dean, Miss Porter's School
I found Nemnet's workshop to be incredibly strategic and data-driven. The exercises were eye-opening and the tools provided were practical and immediately useful. A very well-spent three hours!
--Ki Perry
Invaluable, straightforward and clear! I highly recommend the workshop. I came away understanding more clearly what our barriers and opportunities are.
--Karen Nichols
The recent Nemnet workshop not only provided real strategies, resources and tips for how to elevate access to qualified candidates, but also brought an understanding of how to create structural systems that will sustainably maximize a school's hiring success opportunities. Thank you!
--Sergio Alati, Head of School, Stevens Cooperative School
I thought the presentation was wonderful. It was smooth, engaging, thoughtful, collaborative and thought provoking. As a young, new administrator who is in charge of hiring about 10 new Apprentice teachers yearly, this really opened my eyes to see some of things our school is doing well and where we can continue to grow and develop in our mission. I will be able to immediately put some of this knowledge to use and hopefully bring change in a positive way.
--Stefan Borowski, Assoc. Dir., Apprentice Teacher Training Program, New Canaan Country School
The workshop on recruiting faculty of color was the most substantive and practical training I've ever gotten on the subject. The resources are invaluable, and the research behind the approach will make it much easier for us to build a new program. Thank you!
--Josina Reaves, Director of Diversity, Poly Prep
Thank you to Nemnet for their sensitive yet assertive approach to having us consider "concern or commitment?" in regard to minority recruitment. We appreciate the tangible tools and useful resources that were provided, but perhaps the greatest reward was having to confront the truth that actions speak louder than words and aspirations.
--Bill Connolly
. . . Lovett hosted its inaugural Career Spotlight, designed to bring prospective faculty--especially teachers of color--to campus. . . . We had 70 registrants, 40 of whom ultimately attended the event. Our guests had a great day and were uniformly positive in their reflections after the fact. . . Thank you for supporting this effort. It would not have been near the success it was without your spreading the word.
--Marsha T. Little, Assistant Head of School, Lovett School
Students arrived on campus just yesterday and we are thrilled that Tiara is a member of our faculty! She is a wonderful asset to the Kindergarten/1st grade team. Thank you!
--Jane Murphy, HR Manager, High Meadows School
Hi Lena. . . it is indeed our first Nemnet placement and we are very excited. I met Warren briefly when he spoke at Harvard Westlake this fall and we're eager to continue and expand our relationship with your team. All Best, Jeff
--Jeff Hooper, Dean of Faculty, Thacher School
This workshop was excellent! I so appreciated how practical the material was; my colleague and I left with tangible action steps and a very clear plan to improve our school's diversity recruitment efforts.
--Dana Berlin
Our seminar was incredibly thoughtful, engaging, and informative. My team left with not only an increased awareness of concrete steps we can take to cast our hiring net more broadly, but also a "tool box" of resources that we might commence using immediately. It was a very valuable workshop.
--Liz Willis
I really enjoyed the session. It was practical, well-paced, and relevant. I liked that you weren't trying to sell us something nor were you passing judgment. Rather, you raised important questions about how we approach recruitment and provided space for us to reflect on our practices. The survey data you had was especially powerful -- I'd be interested in additional and more extensive survey from TOC in independent schools.
--Jeff Hooper
This workshop was incredibly helpful in terms of how it opened my eyes to the realities of hiring minority candidates. I thought my school was already doing some of the right things, and I was wrong. I'm walking away with at least 3 immediate changes. A big thank you!
--Lisa Gumina, Vistamar School
I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews of yesterday’s event, and I’m sure that much of that is a result of the ways that you informed, challenged and stretched those who were there. Thanks for coming to Indy and helping us in our ongoing effort—as individual schools and the diversity consortium—to generate greater buy-in and more investment in the work of creating a more diverse faculty, staff, and administration.
--Mr. Freezell Brown, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Brebeuf Jesuit,
. . . having worked with many people from many different educational recruiting firms over the years, I just want to tell you how great it is to work with you. You clearly know your candidates well, take the time to know the schools, and really devote yourself to your mission. I just want you to know it is appreciated. Many thanks. Ryan Kimmet Head of Lower and Middle School Greene Street Friends School
--Ryan Kimmet, Head of Lower and Middle School, Greene Street Friends School
Very well organized and informative workshop! A few hours will make a world of difference in our hiring process. Thank you Nemnet.
--Joy Foley, Pingree School
Warren Reid is a stellar presenter, highly informative, and a dynamic speaker. His has mastery of the field of staffing, recruiting/hiring would benefit any educational institution. His workshop not only highlighted best practices for effective and efficient for recruitment but also the critical efforts to secure and retain a talented, diverse staff, faculty and administration. I have attended a wide array of conferences and workshops over the last 20 years and I found Warren's presentation to be one of the best. I was challenged, stimulated and provoked to action.
--Dr. Jon Herzenberg, Associate Head of School, Drew School
Thank you so much for engaging so fully and thoughtfully with our group on Thursday. I am really grateful for your questions and provocations, and I have already received more than one note about how useful the session was for the folks in attendance.
--Anne Graybeal, Associate Head of School, The Blake School
. . . Warren: Congratulations on 21 fabulous years leading NEMNET. You and your company have made a significant difference in the hiring process for countless independent schools in our country. Our schools are much better places because of your efforts to diversify the pool of applicants with highly qualified and talent people of color. Thank you so much for leading the charge. I wish you much more success in the years to come. Be Blessed! Reginald Wills
--Reginald Wills
The Overlake School just completed the Overcoming Obstacles workshop with Warren. I am very appreciative for Warren because this workshop was a rallying point for our school and he helped direct us with tangible recommendations on how to move forward on this challenging issue. He has given us the foundation to move from concern to commitment. My work on this is much more focused and our collective responsibility much clearer. Thank you Warren for your time and expertise.
--Mark Manuel
. . . your workshop was significant in our efforts to diversify our faculty. As of right now, our hiring rate for faculty and administrators of color is 47% (21% last year). The percent of searches that had at least one candidate of color is 77% as compared to 18.7% last year. Looking forward to working with you again on retention!
--Christel McGuigan, Director of Equity and Instruction, Lakeside School
Thank you so much for assisting in my placement process. I appreciate the useful services offered on this site that connected me to the the wonderful school I have a privilege to join. I look forward to starting my position and, once again, I'd like to thank you for connecting me to this great opportunity."
--Jacquelyn Tisdale
The Nemnet Recruitment Survey was a great tool for self reflection and for shedding light in current school practices.
--Mary Ellen Vienny, Bank Street School for Chlidren
I have to admit that I was skeptical but I think anyone, even the most seasoned employee, will learn from the Nemnet workshop.
--Kate Marcus, Bank Street School for Children
I am the Executive Director for a non profit in Baltimore that works with 19 independent schools. We assist lower income African American students in Baltimore gain access to our member schools. I attended the workshop wanting to learn more about strategies that our member schools should be using to hire faculty of color. I have been in independent school education for over 30 years, and Nemnet's workshop was one of the best I have ever attended. He lays out the issues, gives specific strategies to work through those issues and helps you to plan for the future. I left the workshop feeling like schools had the tools they needed to make a plan of success. Warren is an outstanding presenter- POLISHED!
--Amy John, Executive Director Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust
. . . your presentation was exceptional—engaging, relevant, and instructive! I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the participants. In particular, they liked the opportunity to ask candid questions and the safe space that you created. This subject summons such a range of emotions, and you did a great job being sensitive while offering concrete strategies.
--Kaliq Simms, Director of Diversity, Roland Park Country School
. . . I can not stress enough how much of a difference your company's presence has made in the hiring process for my school. Thank you for all your good and extremely valuable work.
--Chris Avery, Director of Community Life, Haverford School
Warren is an exceptionally gifted communicator and teacher. He made me want to do a better job investing my time and energies in the importance of Minority Recruiting. Thank you!
--Deb Otey, Cannon School
Warren was an engaging, intelligent/well spoken, and encouraging speaker. His ability to support and not judge was amazing. . . Every independent school needs to invite Nemnet to their school to grow, learn and improve our efforts.
--Matt Rush, Cannon School
. . . The candidates we met were impressive; the quality of skills and experience was significantly higher than when I attended several years back. . . our participation is definitely worth our while, and we will continue to participate!
--Jean Millkey, Senior Human Resources, ATLANTA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
[Philadelphia Diversity Workshop] . . . There was a clear agenda, recognition of obstacles we face as Independent Schools, and helpful steps to help us achieve specific goals. I look forward to sharing this experience with my fellow administrators and Diversity Coordinators
--Gregg Stone, Director of Middle School, The Ellis School
. . . After years of modest success in diversifying our faculty and staff, I feel we are now equipped to make substantial institutional and meaningful progress. Thank you!
--Tim Bazemore, Head of School, New Canaan Country School
. . . I so appreciated the insight shared through the research presented. . . Your presentation allowed me to come away with manageable steps to start this process and a charge to look at the hiring process in a different way.
--Betsy Gugle, Columbus School for Girls
Your presentation was spot on! Thanks for your balanced approach, your straightforwardness, and your professional insights and materials. I have already put some of your materials to good use!
--Deidre Hamlar, Director of Diversity, Columbus Academy
[Cincinnati, OH MFR Workshop] A fantastic awareness-raising presentation. . . the entire workshop was a tool for reflection - a great opportunity to evaluate what we are doing as an organization.
--Christie Stover, Division Director, Columbus School for Girls
I would strongly suggest using NEMNET to any school that is committed to making positive change with developing a strategy to increase faculty of color throughout their institution.
--Paul Mayo, Former Director of Diversity, New Canaan Country School
[Charlotte, NC MFR Workshop] . . . EVERY Head of School should attend this!"
--Imana Legette, Educational Technology Director, Charlotte Country Day School
This was a really great question-stimulating session [nemnet Faculty Recruitment Workshop]. I love when I walk away from a workshop with more questions than answers . . . Looking forward to growth.
--Jordan Schnell, Academic Dean of the Middle School, Convent of the Sacred Heart
GREAT Nemnet Job Fair. . . My only regret is that schools I have worked at have not been more active all along. Greatly run, superb service, strong and versatile candidates. Perfect job fair for us. . . We are in it for the long haul.
--Dennis Bisgaard, Former Head of School, Kingswood Oxford School
[Nemnet AISNE Workshop]. . . Certainly, one of the most thought provoking and worthwhile workshops I have attended in 15 yrs. . . Further, I would say among the most valuable workshops I have participated in as an educator.
--Steve Farley, Director of the Academic Program, Fenn School
[AISNE Workshop]. . . . This is the second time I've been to a workshop on this topic with Warren, and I've benefitted both times. NOW, our school needs to institutionalize his recommendations.
--Anne Reenstierna, Head of School, Brimmer & May
[NAIS POC Conference Workshop]. . . worth the entire conference to attend this session!
--Marshall Carter, Principal [k-8], Milton Academy
[NAIS POC Conference Workshop]. . . Very Helpful. . . thank you for showing me how to help my institution move from being hopeful about minority recruitment to being more strategic about the process.
--Courtney Peterson, Dir. of Human Resources, Sidwell Friends School
[NAIS POC Conference Workshop]. . . Provocative, simply Provocative!
--Anonymous, Employer
[ISACS Annual Conference Workshop]. . . After participating in the nemnet Workshop, I'm encouraged in our pursuit of identifying candidates of color (minorities) for our school . . . I believe that we connected with a firm that clearly understands our need and can assist us in reaching our goals.
--Ramona Powell, Director of Diversity, Cathedral High School
[SAIS Annual Conference Workshop] . . . Thank you.! You presented realistic information that opens up new possibilities for recruiting faculty of color.
--Vivian Barfoot, Associate Head of School, Montgomery Academy
[NJAIS Annual Conference Workshop] . . . I'm leaving energized to help my school with this work!. Thank you
--Vicky Marie Martinez, Associate Dean of Admission, Lawrenceville School
[NJAIS Annual Conference Workshop]. . . I've been to plenty of conference sessions that leave me with nothing new, nothing to work on, nothing about which to scratch my head. You provided generous resources, even talking about your competitors in positive ways. I commend you. . . you made me think and gave me some tools.
--Stephen Valentine, Assistant Head of Campus, Montclair Kimberley Academy
It was a pleasure meeting many of the professionals this past weekend at the nemnet [BOSTON] Diversity Career Fair. . . My colleague and I were very impressed with the pool of candidates and with the operation as a whole. . . .thank you for providing a positive and professional environment . . . This event was one of the most enjoyable experiences we have participated in this year.
--Ross Sward, Tirrell House Principal, The Norwich Free Academy
[CA MFR Workshop] . . . . This was very different than I expected it to be, and I found it eye opening. . . I particularly appreciated you providing us with practical information and a plan for future action.
--Nasif Iskander, Dean of Faculty, San Francisco University High School [CA]
[Nemnet CA MFR Workshop] . . . REVEALING; Would recommend to all Admin & Board.
--Chris Thinnes, Academic Dean & Head of Upper School, Curtis School [CA]
I wanted to send additional thanks and praise for hosting such a wonderful event. . . . you created an enviroment where we felt immediately comfortable and capable to take responsibility for where we are in this process and we left with the tools to implement the necessary next steps. . . [we] look forward to working with your organization as we construct a plan for increasing access and exposure in our minority recruitment process. Thank you!
--Alesia Young, Diversity Coordinator, Windward School [CA]
Just attended a workshop you presented at King School in Stamford today. I was obviously invested in the topic at hand, but was deeply impressed by your CLEAR presentation and conviction. I came away well fed, and yet wanting more. We (my school) has a lot of work ahead of us; thank you for time well worth it.
--Greg MacGipin, Head of Upper School, Chase Collegiate [CT]


 Job Seeker Testimonials

NEMNET is a great resource to find organizations that are actively seeking BIPOC professionals. I received several interesting inquiries immediately after creating an account and found the RIGHT opportunity in a brief period. NEMNET is a valuable platform that will expose you to positions you might not be aware of otherwise. I highly recommend NEMNET and am thankful for finding it when I did.
--Justin H. Dove, Ed.S., NCSP
Unlike other recruitment agencies, NEMNET allows you to see all job postings and doesn't limit based on your qualifications. This gave me the chance to explore various positions within independent schools that peaked my interest. After coming across one that I liked, I applied and received a email back almost immediately for my interview. It took about a month after applying for them to offer me the position! Overall really simple and effortless experience compared to other recruitment agencies.
--Leah Hall-Hansen
I am so grateful to NEMNET for their incredibly professional and timely service. Within a week of signing up, I received requests for interviews with schools that I had not even sent my resume out to. It was incredibly affirming! As a black woman, I truly felt as though Nemnet was out there on my behalf sending out my resume to potential employers. Thank you!
I signed up with NEMNET last February 2020 as a job seeker with the hope of finding another school to teach math and computer science. I immediately received a lot of emails from employers/recruiters not only from the DMV area but also from other regions, especially after the Washington DC Diversity Career Fair. I appreciate the regular emails from NEMNET that list job openings from the specific disciplines and locations that matched my preferences. The tips from experts also proved to be very helpful. For instance, the article shared by NEMNET, entitled, "9 tips for mastering your next virtual interviews" immensely prepared me to successfully pass my virtual interviews. As a result, I have been offered a full-time job to teach both math and computer science in a private school in Virginia. I accepted the job offer and I am excited to begin in August 2020 for the school year 2020-2021. I am so grateful to NEMNET for making this special blessing possible! Thanks a million, NEMNET!
--Alvin Mallari
I learned about Nemnet through an email I received or a post online in February. I attended the fair in March 3rd at Boston and the week before that event I was contacted by several schools to have short interviews that same day. From that even I met the school that finally hired me one month after that. I strongly suggest you have a complete profile with references to contact and attend the fair jobs they organize because they are really good. Thank you Nemnet!
--Beatriz Maria Mendez
I wanted you to know that I accepted a job offer from The Whittle School today. Thank you for all your help and I really could not have done this without you. I found out about Whittle School through NEMNET and met them for the position for the first time at the job fair you arranged at Georgetown Day School. . . Warren, I remember being anxious about the search and how having the conversation with you on the phone made me more confident that it would all work out for the best. Amir
--Syed Amir Raza
The moment I opened my Nemnet account I began to receive emails from employers about possible positions. I have been impressed with how broad Nemnet network is and I am happy to say that I landed a great position in my desired location at a wonderful school through Nemnet!
--Jennifer Hickman, Associate Director of Admission, Hewitt School
I was impressed by the outstanding professionalism of the organizers and the large variety of schools present at the recruitment fair. Having been to several career fairs in the area, I liked that Nemnet supplied not just local opportunities, but recruiters from other cities and states as well. Without this exposure I would not have learned about the school that I received a job offer from, and met so many administrators who were eager and willing to tell me more about their school.
--Jennifer Ho
Working with Nemnet I was able to find a job I love. They genuinely cared about my job seeking process and i am truly grateful for that.
--Jemmel Billingslea
Truly grateful to NEMNET for their energy, thoughtfulness and attention to details!!! Thanks, Warren for your insight and guidance…priceless!!
--Tiffany Taylor Smith
. . . I appreciate your assistance, and I can honestly say that my experience with Nemnet and MKA has changed my life. I love my job, and the doors that have been opened to me are literally amazing.
--Alice Terrell, Nemnet Candidate Hire
I had the pleasure of working with Nemnet's Founder and CEO, Mr. Warren Reid. I used Nemnet and a few other online job sites during my search, but I found Nemnet to be most helpful. Not only did Mr. Reid learn about who I am as a professional, but he took the time to understand me and my family dynamic, which then in turn helped me narrow my search. Through Nemnet, I was given an opportunity to interview with 7 schools, 5 of which I had at least 3 interviews and 2 of which offered me a position, all in the course of 3 months. I chose my future employer because of the support from faculty and administration, room for growth, and future opportunities for my children. I highly recommend Nemnet to any person of color seeking job opportunities. Thank you.
--Sylvie Abaidoo
My name is Larry Wynn. I have been using your website for the past year to find me a new place of employment as an art educator. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I have recently excepted a position at Match Community Day in Hyde Park, Ma as a K-4 Visual Arts teacher. The school found my resume on your website and reached out to me. I want to say thank you for your help with providing me a platform to find a job. Best, Larry Wynn
--Larry Wynn
I am a member of the Nemnet network, and I have attended the Nemnet Career fair in Philadelphia in both 2015 and 2016. While there I was able to connect with a number of schools. All of which were actually looking to hire candidates, and not just there for the sake of being there. I was able to meet with representatives from Mastery Charter Schools. My resume was looked at by the two people there. One of which was the principal at Mastery Charter Camden. He did not have an opening for me as the Dean of Students, but he thought I would work well at another Mastery Charter location. He forwarded my resume to another Principal. I was interviewed, and had signed my contract less than a week later. This whole process began through a meeting at the Nemnet career fair. I am truly thankful for this organization, and I will make sure I pass along information so that other people can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
--Maurice Patterson
I found Nemnet after a failed Skype interview for a position I (thought that I) desperately wanted. The department chair gently suggested I look up Nemnet, encouraging me to expand my search for positions. What I really love about Nemnet is its devotion to minority recruitment and its seemingly endless list of positions available in all parts of the country. When I see schools listed on Nemnet's website, I know that those schools are actively looking for diverse candidates, not just pretending. I'm also glad that Nemnet submits materials to positions that match your set criteria, which takes away some of the burden of the job search process. I know that someone is working on my side at Nement without worry or anxiety.
--Celeste Prince
As a former Administrative Assistant to the Headmaster of Chapin School, I had the pleasure and honor to participate at a Nemnet Job Fair to recruit faculty of color. It was an enjoyable experience and we met with many well-qualified candidates. I have a great deal of respect for this organization.
--Doretha Burrell
Nemnet is a powerful and wide-reaching network. A week or so after posting my resume on Nemnet, I received inquiries and within a month, I was extended offers. I cannot thank Nemnet enough for helping me secure my current job!
--Leon Calleja
When I made the decision to look for a new position teaching French, I did not know what would be available to me. I went with Nemnet because I met representatives during the People of Color Conference, and I put myself on their mailing list. Five years later, I completed a profile, and I found the job of my dreams. My colleagues and students are great, I am challenged, and I feel like my teaching has been reinvigorated. Nemnet was with me all along the path to this job, and I am quite pleased with the results. If you are a person of color, and you are looking for work in an independent school, this is the placement company for you. The schools who work with Nemnet are committed to diversity. That's why I chose to work only with them. Nemnet is the best.
--Nemnet Job Seeker Sheila-Zohara Zamor
I used Nemnet exclusively for my Head of Upper School search. I worried initially that schools would have a hard time seeing how I could successfully move from being a Director of Diversity to the head of a division. Warren Reid and his team did a fantastic job of conveying my skills, experience and unique gifts to a wide range of schools. In the end, I landed the perfect Head of Upper School position. This would not have been possible had I not used Nemnet.
--Nemnet Job Seeker Felicia Wilks
I would definitely recommend using Nemnet to assist you with your job search. It seemed like I was spinning my wheels...for years. But once I completed my Nemnet profile a) I received plenty of correspondence from schools, b) I went on several high quality interviews, and c) I landed an invigorating, rewarding position with a new school! All in all, I am very satisfied with my Nemnet experience.
--Nemnet Job Seeker Deanne Battle
I am so grateful for Nemnet because of the agencies Mission to help young professionals that are minorities in finding the right organization that is inclusive and willing to support the individuals needs.
--Ryan Davis, Job Seeker
Thank you so very much for the work that you do and being instrumental in connecting me with this position. I am very excited to be at Gill at a time when they are focused and committed to strengthening their diversity and inclusion efforts within the Gill community. Tracey Goodson Barrett
--Tracey Goodson Barrett
I wanted to let you know that I have been hired by Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, MA. I can not express how grateful I am for your help and assistance in this process. The re-vamping of my resume was an absolute hit with all the employers. It was succinct and clear. They really appreciated that.
--James Mayo III
I stumbled across nemnet on February 4th. I received an interview by February 6th and was hired by the end of February. I've never had a job search produce results so quickly. It is user friendly, it is neatly and professionally arranged, and it really narrowed my search. It's beneficial to know that a nemnet registered employer is looking for a qualified minority candidate. Thank you nemnet
--Tambi Greene
I had spent a long time trying to find a career that fit me after graduating from college. The job market was very tight and I didn't know how to properly network myself. Nemnet provided me with an amazing network of professionals, and thanks to their help, I am now happily employed in a career that I love as a teacher!
--Adam Diaz
Thanks to NEMNET I was able access the independent schools in the Philadelphia area. After an initial meeting with Germantown Friends School at the NEMNET job fair I was able to interview, and ultimately land a position in the Upper School Math Department. The tips they gave me before the fair were quite helpful to me. Thanks NEMNET!!!
--Mark Anderson
I have the pleasure of working directly with Mr. Reid. His work is impeccable. The genuine care he has for his clientele is unlike any other placement service I have ever worked with. He assisted in making my resume more concise and easy to read. His skills are superb and his expertise in this field is top notch! Thank you, Mr. Reid and Nemnet, for your unwavering support and assistance through this process!
--James Mayo III
NEMNET puts candidates in the right place to meet and connect in an authentic way with potential employers. The brief conversation I had with a school at an NEMNET event was the catalyst for me to get hired. Kudos to Warren Reid and the NEMNET Team for their ability to build a vast network of schools who are serious about hiring educators of color!
--Brian L. Johnson
NEMNET puts candidates in the right place to meet and connect with potential employers in an authentic way. The brief conversation I had with a school was the catalyst for me to get hired. Kudos to Warren Reid and the NEMNET Team for their ability to build a vast network of schools who are serious about hiring educators of color!
--Brian L. Johnson
. . . I found Nemnet online and immediately signed up for one of their career fairs. . . I met with a representative from the Field School and fell in love with the school's philosophy and outlook. . . I was able to interview with the school and now am officially hired! Nemnet has proven to be an invaluable resource for me and for so many others.
--Adam Diaz, Candidate
Four years ago I decided to leave teaching in order to develop some of my untapped skills and to challenge myself as a professional educator. When I decided that I wanted to return to a more traditional teaching environment . . . members of the Nemnet staff were more than supportive and affirming in my potential and opportunities. As I look towards closing one chapter and developing a new one I have great confident in the services that I have received. . .
--Ida Beth Malloy, Candidate
I attended the Nemnet conference . . . where I interviewed with Uncommon Schools. After the conference, Uncommon Schools invited me to [teach] a demo-lesson at their Roxbury Preparatory Lucy Stone campus. . . I was formally offered a position. Thank you so much for making so many incredible schools accessible to teachers of color!
--Tyler Hammer, Nemnet Candidate
I just want to thank you for organizing a wonderful job fair in Philadelphia. It was the best job fair I have ever gone to. The orientation gave me helpful hints to become a successful job seeker. . . . The employers were very receptive and I had many meaningful conversations with them. I will be recommending this website to other educators and I wish you much continued success! Thanks!
--Ms. Alia Dickerson, Nemnet Job Seeker
. . . My resume was looking a bit outdated, and Warren and the crew gave it a makeover. It is so much cleaner and more fresh. I feel like I'm showing a brand new face to prospective employers. This is only one of the many personal touches I've noticed since I started working with Nemnet.
--Leah Andelsmith, Nemnet Job Seeker
Just wanted to inform you all on a recent hire. Thank you very much for this service! Nemnet provided me with the opportunity to find a school and community that I truly love.
--Kristy Castro, Nemnet Job Seeker
Literally within a week of completing a profile with Nemnet, I was contacted by Germantown Friends School. After passing a phone interview, I completed a sample lesson for them. I was elated to receive an offer from them. . .
--Charles Nesbitt, Candidate
Thank you Nemnet for making my job search easy and stress-free! After interviewing for several schools I ended up choosing a position to intern at a prestigious school in the area and they are giving me a significant scholarship to obtain my master's degree in Early Childhood Education! I am so thankful for Nemnet for helping make this job searching process the easiest I have ever encountered - I will definitely use your service again.
--Collin Radix-Carter, nemnet Job Seeker
I had a job interview with Visions Academy Charter High School in Newark, NJ. I was offered the position and my start date was Nov 14th. Thank you for creating Nemnet!!
--Timeka Whitehead, Job Seeker
I want to thank you for the help you gave during the hiring process. . . It was so great to have an advocate during the very complicated process!
--Candace Pryor, Candidate
I was blessed with the opportunity to hear about NEMNET via another recruitment fair. I am glad that I decided to go. I had an onsite job interview at the fair. I eventually was hired by another school. A beautiful school in Baltimore, whose mission and actions match my goals. I'm appreciative of NEMNET!
--Justin Robinson
Nemnet was instrumental in allowing me to make connections with Independent Schools. As a result of their February job fair my family and I will be moving to live and teach at a boarding school in GA. . .
--Amila Williams, Candidate was an important and invaluable part of my search process. Even in this tough job market, it was very reassuring to know that Nemnet was always available as a trusted resource for new job opportunities. I was recently hired for a new position, and I would not have been aware of that job opportunity without logging on to Nemnet first. Thanks again!
--James Stancil, Candidate
I just wanted to inform Nemnet that I have been hired from a connection I made at the NJ Nemnet Diversity Career Fair in February 2012 at the Newark Academy. I must say that I am absolutely ecstatic about this opportunity. For the last 3 years, I have been trying to leave Corporate America for the field of Education in a Business Operations capacity. I have finally made my long awaited transition. I am definitely a fan of Nemnet and will be a very active advocate for others looking into Education.
--Dorian Timmons, Candidate
I attended the nemnet Diversity Career Fair in Atlanta. . . It was the most effective I have ever been to. It was productive, stress-free, supportive, informative and organized. I recommend and appreciate the format. Thank you.
--Marva Shelton, Candidate
I attended the [nemnet] minority recruitment fair in NJ . . . It was an amazing networking opportunity . . . I had a few interviews at the event and have a couple more scheduled in days to come. My fingers are crossed, and I'm crossing them for good teachers everywhere!!!
--Dani Powell, Candidate
My new employer discovered me through Nemnet and I'm happy to say I have a new job! It's my first foray into the independent school system and I'm delighted.
--Egyirba High, Candidate
Simply put, nemnet changed my life. As a new teacher with only part time experiences, I was ready for something full time if only given the chance! San Francisco University High School found me on nemnet and asked to interview me for their English opening at the upcoming nemnet career fair. I met with the school 3 more times after the career fair, taught a demo lesson and was finally offered a position in their new teacher program! It is a one year mentored position with the chance to teach 3 of my own classes. I'm so excited! I finally made it and I owe this opportunity to nemnet for opening this door for me.
--Melissa Mirza, Candidate
I just accepted a position at [Lovett School], a school I met at the Atlanta Nemnet Diversity Career Fair. Warren Reid and his staff have been amazing with helping me find employment!! Thanks Nemnet!!
--Stacia L. McFadden, Candidate
. . . I got the call last night. . . that I've been offered a position at the University of Chicago Lab Schools to teach 7th grade life science. . . Thank you so much for the personalized attention during this process. I've had three different jobs in Independent Schools in the last 15 years and you've helped place me in two of them.
--Michael Wong, Candidate
Thank you Nemnet for organizing a career fair in San Francisco. It gave me the opportunity to connect and meet with several schools, including one that would eventually hire me.
--Katherine Chi, Candidate
Professional, organized and committed are the words that come to mind when I think of the service that nemnet offers. Nemnet provided me with the opportunity to meet, and subsequently secure a teaching position with a prestigious private school in the Atlanta area. Thank you for your guidance and encouragement!
--N. Grady, Candidate
nemnet is by far the best means minority recruitment for job seekers. The jobs referred were all great opportunities suited not only to my experience but also to my future goals in independent schools. The nemnet staff worked with me to make sure that I was presenting myself in the best possible light - I couldn't be more thankful for all that they've done for me.
--Johara Tucker, Candidate
I have finally landed a job at the Bishop Walker School in SE DC! . . . Although I used many avenues during my job hunt, it was through that I first got connected with this school . . . thank you for your consistent job notifications and job fairs.
--Yonnette M. Moore, Candidate
I wanted to express my gratitude to Nemnet for their amazing services! From helping me complete my profile to tips and preparation for the career fair, they helped me use all the tools to find a job. Thanks to their assistance, I have accepted a great job teaching in Boston!
--Arcie Petty, Candidate
I was influenced by a classmate to attend the Diversity Career Fair at Kean University. I am extemely satisfied with the final results from my Resume ReHaul. I received a prompt reply and meaningful discussion of improvement of my resume.
--Tracey Wright, Candidate
I can’t begin to thank you enough for your support. . . Your suggestions and recommendations for job sites and contacts were most helpful. . . We all know the job Market is VERY tight and we hope things will get better in the future. Your suggestions, career fair, specific school contacts have been most helpful and I believe my grandson would not be in the position he is in if it weren’t for your organization and personal support. I am so happy to know that NEMNET has grown and is a significant part of the life of independent schools. Thank you again and I know he will continue to seek your support and interest in his career. . . All the best!
--Michele Redwine
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful process in place for Diversity Career Fair. I stumbled across your website just two days ago and registered as 'usual'. To my surprise, I have been called for my first preliminary interview in 12 months.
--Simeon Bomi, Candidate
First of all I want to say thank you so much for hosting and putting together such a well organized and successful event. I had a wonderful time. It was great to meet folks from so many different schools in the area all in one place! I am excited to say that I have been contacted for interviews from two schools. I was also told I would be contacted for an in-person interview by the end of next week. Thanks again NEMNET!!
--Anonymous, Candidate
I attended the 2011 NEMNET diversity career fair in Boston on February 5th. It was the first time I had been to a fair sponsored by your group, and it was the best one I had ever been to! Thank you for a very positive experience.
--Yvette Joyce, Candidate
I was so hopeful and grateful for the opportunity to participate in the nemnet Diversity Career Fair. . . I will be working at Flint Hill this year and look forward to the challenges of this new school community. . . nemnet, you have been a blessing!
--Nicole Edmonds, Candidate
My name is Monique Caterina and I attended the NJ career fair. . . I am happy to report I will be working at RCDS in Rye, NY as an Assistant Teacher with a two year contract!!! I want to thank you for all of your support and for having a well organized job fair for candidates of color seeking job opportunities in independent schools.
--Monique Caterina, Candidate
Thanks Nemnet for my first opportunity to go to your career fair. It was a great opportunity meet with several schools around the Atlanta area. My wonder is how come there weren't MORE!!!
--Jamal W. Liverpool, Candidate
I thought the 2010 Dallas, TX Diversity Job Fair and Job Seeker Orientation was very organized and well put together. Using NEMNET's job leads will help me to reach my goals. Keep up the good work. I hope to be an employer in your data base someday!!
--Carla Ford, Candidate
I attended the NJ Diversity Career Fair today at Kean University- it was excellent! Well done Warren and team. Thank you!

--Kawanzaa S King, Candidate
I just wanted to inform Nemnet that I received a job interview. . . The experience was eye-opening and I truly appreciate NemNet as a tool for job seekers like myself. . . . I plan to continue my search for new opportunities! Thanks so much! Janille Chambers
--Janille Chambers, Candidate
I am a recent college graduate from Stone Mountain, GA. I came in contact with nemnet while attending a graduate/employment opportunities workshop on campus. nemnet served as a catalyst in providing myself and fellow classmates an opportunity to come in contact with the Dean of faculty at a prestigious private school in New England. If not for nemnet I probably would not have even heard of the school nor had the opportunity to attain the position I acquired for the 2008-09 school year.
--DeJuan Payne, candidate
Hello. . . I was hired last year in the summer after attending the job fair for independent schools in the Chicago, IL area. The job fair was hosted at Francis W. Parker school. I was hired by the Catherine Cook School as a Early Childhood general music teacher. . . [I just signed my 2nd year contract for the 2009-2010 school year] . . . I am very happy here.
--Karla L. Beard-Leroy, Candidate
I am writing to notify you that I have been accepted as a Teach For America Corps Member in Houston with a prestigious Amgen Fellowship. . . Thanks a lot for all of your help and guidance throughout my job search process.
--Felipe Gonzalez, Candidate

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