NEMNET [Ann Arbor, MI] Minority Faculty Recruitment Workshop
10/1/2018, 9am -12noon

On Monday, Oct 1, NEMNET, in conjunction with Greenhills School [Ann Arbor, MI] will present, "Overcoming Obstacles to Recruiting Faculty and Staff of Color."

This 1/2 day [3hr] workshop will focus on the challenges, best practices and strategies associated with diversity faculty recruitment.

It will leverage over 20 years of diversity recruitment experience in education and is designed to empower individuals with information and resources to maximize their recruitment efforts. It promises that participants will leave equipped and inspired with concrete, tangible tips and strategies along with a comprehensive plan to address their individual obstacles and needs.

Participants will:
• Learn how to implement best practices and proven minority recruitment strategies
• Learn how and where to access information and resources that will assist them in meeting their diversity goals
• Take the Minority Recruitment Assessment Test [mRAT] to assess individual obstacles and needs
• Leave with concrete, tangible tips and strategies for success

This workshop is open to all Public and Private School Administrators including Superintendents, Principals, School Heads, Assistant Heads, Division Directors, HR Managers, Board Members and anyone else directly responsible for or involved in staff recruitment.
In an effort to build a common language and understanding across divisions, departments and stakeholders, we strongly suggest schools sending teams of 3 or more.

If staff diversity is a sincere goal, this is a must attend workshop!

This workshop is being hosted by Greenhills School, 850 Greenhills Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105

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