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Safe, Seen, Supported & Satisfied: A look at Diversity Faculty Retention
5/25/2023, 12:00pm -2:30pm [Eastern Time]

Why are they leaving?
Where are they going?
What can you do to improve your retention efforts?

This workshop will focus on the causes and challenges associated with Faculty of Color retention.
It will leverage over 25 years of work and research and is designed to educate and empower individuals and institutions with information, insight, proven strategies and best practices to maximize their retention efforts.

Participants will:
• Learn the [5] PUSH Factors that contribute to faculty attrition and turnover
• Learn the [5] PULL Factors that aid in retention
• Learn what Managers [ie, Department Chairs and Division Directors] can do to assist their school’s retention efforts
• Use real Case Studies to explore, practice and refine their retention strategies
• Learn how to use and implement the NEMNET Diversity Retention Assessment Tool [dRAT] to assess and diagnose potential attrition risk

This workshop promises that participants will leave with concrete, tangible tips and strategies along with a clear roadmap to begin addressing their individual obstacles and challenges.

All individuals directly involved and responsible for faculty retention, as well as and including School Leadership, HR Managers, Department Chairs, Division Heads and Diversity Practitioners.

Content to be covered:
• Diversity Retention Causes and Challenges
• PUSH & PULL Factors
• The 4 Keys to Successful Diversity Retention
• The NEMNET Diversity Retention Assessment Tool [dRAT] . . and more!

Workshop/training session includes;
• Participant Workbooks
• Retention/Attrition Assessment Tools
• Recommendations & Tips
• Q&A

2.5 Hours

• $275 pp for NEMNET Full Members
• $325 pp for ALL others

REGISTRATION Deadline: Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

• There is an additional $30 pp for registrations received AFTER the Registration Deadline


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