Middle School Principal
Whitefield Academy
Smyrna, Georgia
Salary: Based on Experience
Date Posted: 9/20/2019
Job ID: 48498
Position/Title: Middle School Principal
Employer: Whitefield Academy
Department: Middle School
Category: Administration
Type: Division Head/Principal of Middle School
Status: FullTime
Job Description/Responsibilities:
Primary Objectives:
The Middle School Principal leads the faculty, staff and students in all of the spiritual, educational, and administrative aspects of fulfilling Whitefield’s mission to bolster Christian families in rearing young people who go on to college and life with a passion for learning, for others ahead of self, and for the living and active Jesus. This leader also serves as a key connection point, coordinating across the school for the betterment of the Middle School and helping to lead the entire Whitefield campus and community.

Key Responsibilities:
• Oversee the academic quality of the Middle School ensuring that students receive an exemplary education.
• Ensure robust and on-going professional development of the Middle School teachers including, but not limited to, ongoing classroom observation and feedback, mentoring and equipping teachers, regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings, assisting in the articulation of educational goals, oversight of regularly scheduled staff meetings, coordination of teacher training, oversight and guidance related to teacher/parent communications.
• Lead the cultivation of a warm and orderly culture and community (students, parents, and staff) where iron sharpens iron, where delight and diligence connect with the Gospel within grace-filled relationships.
• Create and sustain a vibrant environment for students that provides for discipleship, mentorship, and other enriching experiences.
• Conduct rigorous evaluations of Middle School teachers and staff and provide impactful developmental feedback.
• Provide oversight of all administrative aspects of the Middle School. This will include, at a minimum, management of the Middle School calendar, teaching schedule, and budget.
• Ensure effective ongoing communication between all members of the Middle School community (principal to teacher, principal to families, teacher to families, etc.).
• Ensure coordination of all parent volunteer involvement and activities in collaboration with the Whitefield Parent Association leadership for the Middle School.
• Supervise and develop the Middle School faculty and Middle School support staff.
• Support a relational approach to student discipline, in accordance with school policy, ensuring that student discipline is addressed in a consistent and timely manner.
• Attend extra-curricular events.
• Work with the director of admissions in the recruitment of new students. This includes, but is not limited to, familiarizing prospective families with the philosophy of the curriculum and the attributes of the school that are distinctive.
• Participate in advancement activities as needed.
• Participate in weekly leadership meetings with the school's administration.
• Serve on committees as needed, and be a visible presence in all areas of school life.
• Assist with accreditation processes and other strategic planning initiatives as needed.
• Collaborate with other division principals to provide programs for teacher orientation, in-service training, and review of policies in the Parent-Student and Employee Handbooks.
• Recruit and hire strong talent for Middle School positions (faculty/staff) who fit with the mission.
• Adhere to the bylaws, policies and procedures, and to all laws that govern the school and its actions, and operate within the budget allotment for the Middle School.
• Additional duties as assigned.
Minimum Degree: Ed. M
Certification Required: No
Minimum Experience: 5-7 Years

• A master's degree in education from an accredited postsecondary institution.
• A minimum of five years of successful classroom teaching experience.
• School administration/leadership experience highly preferred.
• A committed educator, who enjoys middle school-aged children and demonstrates an understanding of the middle school child’s emotional and learning needs, as well as how to reach individual learners.
• Exudes excitement for the learning and development of Middle School children and empowers and encourages teachers to create engaging classrooms that focus on the best interest of the children, their learning, and character development.
• Balances the need for correction with compassion and grace in approach to guiding, directing, and disciplining children.
• Demonstrates self-awareness, is teachable, and open to constructive feedback.
• Shows mature reliance on the Holy Spirit and is comfortable leading the spiritual development of others.
• A servant leader who values others in word and deed.
• Demonstrates excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Demonstrates the ability to be courageous, collaborative, and engaging within the Middle School and across the campus.
• Skilled in handling conflict, motivating, coaching, and training faculty and staff
• Possesses high emotional and social intelligence, an empathic listener who relates well to students, parents, faculty and staff.
• Demonstrates the ability to prioritize, multi-task, and have strong planning and organization skills.
• Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet, e-mailing, internet use, presentation software, Google platform, online grade book programs, and SmartBoard.
In addition, the candidate should:
• Embrace the vision of the school and strive for excellence by furthering the mission of Whitefield Academy.
• Commit to living his/her life under the lordship of Christ.
• Model a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ and is a Christian role model in speech, actions, and attitudes, which contributes to the spiritual atmosphere of the school.
• Believe and affirm the school’s Statement of Faith.
• Evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in the nurturing of relationships with employees, students, families, and the community at large.
• Active involvement in a local church.

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