Keys for Successful "Diversity" Job Descriptions:

The most important goal of the Job Description is to concisely convey the opportunity, requirements and encourage applications.  Language is critical. Poorly specified or unclear job announcements increase the risk that qualified minority candidates will be eliminated for various undefined reasons.

The average job seeker will spend no more than 7 seconds on a particular job description. 

In this short period of time, the job seeker is looking for clues about the openness and values of employer and environment so that they can to make an informed decision.

Our ultimate goal is to increase our exposure and access to qualified candidates. The more candidates that have access to your job descriptions, the more that will apply.  The use of words that invite rather than discourage will have a wider reach and greater response. 

For Example, there is a huge difference between 7-10 Years of Teaching Experience vs. 7-10 Years of Independent Teaching Experience. 

The latter is more limiting and will serve to reduce the sample size of potential job applicants. 

The flexibility in thinking about job qualifications is part of understanding and valuing diversity.

All attempts should be made to highlight the schools’ mission and efforts in the area of diversity.

This will resonate with job seekers who see themselves as different. It will also send a message to the majority community that they too will need to be aligned with regards to the schools’ diversity mission. 


Ethnically sensitive position announcements should address the following [3] things: 

(a) A description of an atmosphere where under-represented groups are welcomed, valued and supported

(b) The importance and celebration of diversity and difference

(c) The value placed upon those who can share and teach differing points of view