21 Exit Interview Questions for Schools
  1. Here are 21 Exit Interview questions for schools looking to recruit and retain diverse teachers and administrators:These questions can help schools gain insights into their employees’ experiences identify areas for improvement and enhance their recruitment and retention efforts for diverse teachers and administrators.

  2. Why did you decide to leave your position at our school?

  3. What factors contributed to your decision to leave?

  4. Were there any aspects of your role that you found particularly challenging?

  5. Did you feel supported in your professional development at our school?

  6. How would you describe the school's commitment to diversity and inclusion?

  7. Did you experience any instances of discrimination or bias during your time here?

  8. Were there opportunities for you to contribute your unique perspective and background to the school community?

  9. Did you have a mentor or support system in place to help you succeed in your role?

  10. What feedback do you have on our school's recruitment process for diverse candidates?

  11. Were you satisfied with the school's compensation and benefits packages?

  12. Did you find the workload and expectations to be reasonable?

  13. Did you feel that your contributions were recognized and valued by the school leadership?

  14. What suggestions do you have for improving the school's retention of diverse staff?

  15. Were there any specific incidents or issues that significantly influenced your decision to leave?

  16. Did you have a clear understanding of your career advancement opportunities within the school?

  17. How would you rate the level of communication and transparency from the school's leadership?

  18. Were there any areas where you felt your input and ideas were not considered?

  19. Did you have the tools and resources necessary to perform your job effectively?

  20. What could the school have done differently to retain you as a valuable staff member?

  21. Do you have any final thoughts or advice for the school on retaining diverse talent?

  22. How likely are you to recommend the school as a place for employment [Scale 1- Not likely . . . 5- Very Likely ?

  23. Would you be open to staying in touch and providing feedback to help improve the school's practices in the future?