Smith Leadership Academy
<h1 style="color: #2a7cae; font-size: 16pt; font-weight: bold; text-align: left; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; ">Mission, Philosophy and Vision</h1>

The mission of Smith Leadership Academy Charter Public School is to develop high-achieving students of good character who use problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills to inspire others and to catalyze educational, economic and political advancement within their communities and the broader nation. 

The Academy's educators and administrators, with the support of volunteers, help cultivate impeccable student character by modeling and demonstrating seven core values - thought leadership, personal excellence, intellectual curiosity, integrity, respect, compassion and community citizenship. These core values foster a cohesive and collective sense of purpose and a safe, orderly environment where learning and character development take precedence.

Seven Core Values 

Thought Leadership: Creative problem solving, innovative thinking

Personal Excellence: Doing your best at everything you do

Respect: Treating others as you would like to be treated

Intellectual Curiosity: Insightful questioning, the desire to learn and know

Integrity: Reliability, trustworthiness, honesty with yourself and with others

Compassion: Sympathy and empathy for others

Community Citizenship: Acting to improve your community


The vision of Smith Leadership Academy is to become a kindergarten through grade eight school where the students will develop a thirst for academic knowledge along with a commitment to ethical principles that allows them to attend a high-performing high school and a college of their choice and, eventually, to achieve their full potential as citizens in their own and global communities.



Organization Name: Smith Leadership Academy
Address 1: 23 Leonard Street
Address 2:
City, State, Zip: Boston, Massachusetts  02122
Type: Charter School
Number of Students: 0
Lowest Grade: 9
Highest Grade: 12


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