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Mountain School of Milton Academy
151 Mountain School Road   151 mountain school road  
Vershire, Vermont  05079  
Private/Independent School
Coed Boarding 11 12 45 students


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The Mountain School cultivates a diverse and interdependent community of scholars who learn to know a place and take care of it. Through collaborative learning and shared work, students emerge from their semester prepared to reach beyond the self and focus on the common good.

Who We Are
Each semester 45 motivated high school juniors from all over the country come together to live and work on the school’s farm in rural Vermont. Students and faculty build together a semester based on trust and an appreciation of difference, creating an academic and work-based community in which every voice matters. While living with teachers in small houses, students help to make important decisions concerning how we live together. Courses provide a demanding, integrated learning experience that takes advantage of the school's small size and mountain campus. Balancing intellectual inquiry and experiential learning, the curriculum challenges students to think flexibly, speak their minds and return to their schools equipped for continued academic success. Engagement with the farm and forest sparks an appreciation for their food, their fuel and their labor. 

Diversity Mission Statement
The success of our school’s mission depends on assembling students and teachers who represent a range of cultures and ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, genders and sexualities, political leanings and religious faiths. We aspire for everyone to feel welcome and fully at home on our campus. Understanding our institutional history involves acknowledging that this sense of belonging is easier to attain at the outset of a semester for some members of our community than for others. So far, we have two affinity groups, one for students and teachers of color and one for LGBTQ+ students and teachers. Students from past semesters have found these groups to be important spaces for conversation and support. Efforts are underway to strengthen the connection between alumni and current student members. Ultimately, we hope that all students will let themselves be known here and leave prepared to create more equitable and inclusive environments in their schools and home communities.