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Meeting Street Academy
PO Box 22285    
Charleston, South Carolina  29413  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day 5 200 students


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<h3 style="font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 18px; ">About Meeting Street Academy</h3>

Meeting Street Academy (“MSA”) is a new school that has been created with the goal of providing a college preparatory educational program for approximately 200 children whose families would not otherwise be able to afford a private school education.  The school primarily serves the neighborhood located in the upper peninsula of Charleston, South Carolina.

MSA’s tuition fees are minimal, and are based on the needs of each individual family.  In order to meet the needs and challenges of MSA families, the school offers a full-day program that includes breakfast, lunch and a healthy snack.  Our program is designed to prepare students eventually to attend college, and it stresses character education as well as curriculum.

MSA offers a life-changing opportunity to its students and their families.  The program is rigorous and requires intensive participation of the students’ families.  In fact, families of MSA’s students <a href="" target="_self" style="font-size: 11px; color: #336600; text-decoration: underline; ">must sign a contract with the school to reinforce such participation.  Meeting Street Academy recognizes the family as a partner in the education of each child.  The student’s success depends on the commitment to that partnership.  

The school is also working to engage the community around it in numerous ways.  For example, in our Upper School: 1) Each child will be given access to a volunteer tutor;  2) Children will be expected to perform community service; and 3) Over time we expect to challenge local companies to provide financial assistance.

MSA has opened its doors in August of 2008, for approximately 45 preschool children, ages three and four.  A new grade will be added each year. MSA is located at 1156 King Street (see below).  Plans for the upper school location are underway, and it is currently expected to be ready by the Fall of 2010.

After graduating from MSA, we expect that the majority of our students will go on to excel at other Charleston area schools.  Our hope is that, after completing college, many of our students will return to Charleston to become productive, influential citizens… and perhaps even future leaders of the city.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish and maintain a rich and dynamic learning environment for children from families who care deeply about their children's education but can not afford traditional private schools. We recognize that all young children are enthusiastic learners and, by providing a high-quality early childhood beginning for students to grow and learn, MSA students will attain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in subsequent grades and in life.

Diversity Mission Statement