Friends School of Atlanta


Our mission is to provide challenging academics in a diverse environment, drawing on the Quaker testimonies, or values, of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship to empower our students to go out into the world with conscience, conviction and compassion.


The Friends School of Atlanta continues a 320 year Quaker tradition of education based on the belief that there is that of God or goodness in every person, which Friends have historically referred to as the Light. The school manifests Quaker values of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality and stewardship.

We believe that all students have within themselves unique capacities for learning and achievement. The learning program provides opportunities for students to achieve their highest academic levels. In a supportive learning environment, students develop their capacities through independent thought, service and responsible action, thereby fostering life-long learning, self-confidence and respect for others. We provide a caring, cooperative atmosphere encouraging students to support each other as equals, and discourage that which would set one student above another.

The belief of Friends that individuals must find their own way leads to respect for the faith of everyone. Following the Quaker tradition of meeting corporately in reflective silent worship, an integral part of the school is the weekly meeting where the community gathers in silence to attend to the inner Light. This is a time to reflect upon experience, share thoughts with one another and seek truth.

Quaker values, based in the worth of each person, are reaffirmed in the school by listening and negotiating in the spirit of unity. These same values lead us to strive for diversity among students, families, faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees and in all areas of school life. As students incorporate the value of human respect into their lives, we believe they will take their wisdom and turn it toward social issues that extend beyond the immediate community to the world at large.



Organization Name: Friends School of Atlanta
Address 1: 862 Columbia Drive
Address 2:
City, State, Zip: Decatur, Georgia  30030
Type: Private
Number of Students: 193
Lowest Grade: pre-k
Highest Grade: 8


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