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IDE Corp.
545 Island Road    
Ramsey, New Jersey  07446  


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IDE Corp. recently has emerged as a leader in designing remote and hybrid learning environments, as a result of over twenty years of providing transformational consulting and professional learning with school districts to help them shift paradigms and design new approaches to instruction. We are among the very few professional learning providers that offer a comprehensive instructional model that is the synthesis of the best research available on student achievement. Our vision of the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom has uniquely positioned our clients for success in the Hybrid Learning Environment. We ARE Innovative Designs for Education! IDE Corp. provides consultative professional learning, which we view differently from training services. While we provide teachers with new strategies and structures to use in their classrooms (thus, the training aspect), we accomplish this through a consultative process. That is, we work with our clients to identify their needs and select the tools that will prove most useful to them at the time. Our consultants have access to a variety of online materials, thus offering their clients just-in-time learning.
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