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Princeton Day School
650 Great Road    
Princeton, New Jersey  08540  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day pre-k 12 902 students


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2017-2018 Enrollment: 971

2010-2011 Enrollment by division: 
244 in Lower School, prekindergarten through grade four
305 in Middle School, grades five through eight
422 in Upper School, grades nine through twelve

2017-18 tuition by division:
PreK through Fourth Grade: $29,220
Fifth and Sixth Grades: $34,170
Seventh through Twelfth Grade: $35,810

Average class size by division:
Prekindergarten: 15
Kindergarten: 14
First Grade - Fourth Grade: 16
Fifth Grade - Twelfth Grade: 15

Teacher/Student ratio: 
1:15 in Lower School
1:8 in Middle School and Upper School

Average SAT scores for the Class of 2011:

Math: 650
Reading/Writing: 650

Average ACT composite for Class of 2011: 28

Percentage of seniors attending four-year college: 100 percent

Top five schools attended by PDS students over a five-year period:
Princeton University, Lehigh University, NYU, USC, Washington University of St. Louis, 

Financial aid awarded: $5 million

Percentage of students receiving financial aid: 25 percent

Number of AP courses offered  in 2017: 25

Percentage of students scoring 3 or above on AP exams in 2017: 85 percent

Percentage of students identifying as members of a minority group: 20 percent

Number of Athletics teams:  24 sports, 74 interscholastic teams

Number of community service hours required for graduation: 
at least 50 hours of community service, with at least 26 hours served in a single area of concentration

Percentage of faculty holding advanced degrees: 70 percent

Diversity Mission Statement