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Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School
One Westinghouse Plaza    
Hyde Park, Massachusetts  02136  
Charter School
Coed Day 5 12 524 students


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About APR

Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School (APR) is a free, public school offering a rigorous college preparatory program to 540 students in 5th through 12th grade. For 24 years, APR has been committed to serving students of Boston such that they achieve their full intellectual and social potential, and we now have 574 alumni. Our work is grounded in the vision that graduates of APR have a focused mind and a big heart. They are ready for post-secondary education because they have mastered college and career ready academic and social skills, including the knowledge and dispositions to joyfully pursue future opportunities based on their passions and participate in and transform civic life. 

Our Students

  • Demographics: 90% are students of color; 11% are English Learners; 25% are supported by an IEP

  • Persistence: To date, our alumni six-year college graduation rate is 70%, which is double the rate of their demographic peers

Instructional Philosophy

We are committed to equitable access to deeper learning for all students. Deeper learning puts students at the center.  For us, deeper learning is intertwined with Focused Minds and Big Hearts. Focused Minds and Big Hearts puts information processing, choosing what and how to think about content, and considering multiple perspectives at the heart of fostering intellectuals with the power of self-determination. We want to nurture students as life-long learners who continue to grow and grow others. And so, on a daily level in classrooms, we want to see students working on authentic tasks where they must build, process, and apply knowledge to understand and shape both themselves and their world.

Diversity Mission Statement