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Girls Athletic Leadership School
200 S. University Blvd    
Denver, Colorado  80209  
Charter School
Coed Day 6 8 500 students


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The Girls Athletic Leadership Schools (GALS)’mission is to provide a college preparatory education in a supportiveenvironment that fosters the academic mastery and personal developmentnecessary for every young woman to become a powerful advocate for herself andleader of her community.

GALS Program Overview: To achieve our mission, we offer anacademic program consisting of the following components:
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Movement-Based:  As opposed to relegating movement to physicaleducation class or after-school sports, at GALS we incorporate movement intoday-to-day instruction and classroom activity as a way of engaging studentsboth mentally and phyically. 
 We offer 
a full curriculum focused on the psycho-social dynamics of growingup female in today’s world.  All staff participates in and supportsthis curriculum.
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Liberal Arts: Students follow a rigorous liberal-artsacademic program that will prepare them for four-year colleges anduniversities.
Tight-Knit Community:  Through advisories, community meetings,shared core values, and opportunities for students and teachers to connect bothin and outside the classroom, GALS emphasizes the development of a closelearning community. 
Professional Development: Professional development is a priority atGALS. Staff members meet weekly as a school staff and weekly as a content teamto continue the work.  Grade level teams meet monthly to supportcurriculum integration and student achievement.



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