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North Country School & Camp Treetops
4382 Cascade Road    
Lake Placid, New York  12946  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day/Boarding 4 9 120 students


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“... It isn’t enough that we teach the 3 R’s, the fundamentals of music and art, proficiency in sports, and the vocational skills. We must also strive to develop the hidden values, the inner values of the spirit. 
   Such values do not lend themselves easily to naming and classification, but there is certainly one which is always uppermost in our minds… I shall call it courage. The courage to stand up for your convictions, the courage to face up to mistakes, to start again after failure, to keep going against all odds and difficulties, to get back on a horse after you are thrown, the courage to question, the courage to experiment in new realms.”

— Walter Clark, Founder

North Country School strives to create a community that gives children the self-confidence, knowledge, skills, and values to lead satisfying and productive lives while contributing to their world.

•    We believe that children become confident and resourceful individuals when they try new experiences and cultivate their skills toward mastery, with the guidance of caring adults.

•    We believe that teaching and learning are most successful when intellectual activity is linked with practical experience.

•    We are committed to simple and sustainable living, making responsible choices about our use of resources.

•    We are committed to sustaining a diverse and nurturing community that supports individual growth and creativity, develops resilience, and promotes social responsibility.

Diversity Mission Statement