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Mandell School
795 Columbus Ave    
New York, New York  10025  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day 8 535 students


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The mission of The Mandell Preschool is to provide our children with an excellent early childhood education by developing every child's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical well-being in a very thoughtful and balanced manner. 

We challenge each of our students to use their experience with us to determine how and through what means they will choose to have a positive and meaningful impact in the communities around them. In turn, it is our responsibility to provide a blueprint for learning, consistently high expectations and a dedicated and exceptionally talented faculty. We support the emotional, social and intellectual growth and development of our students through passion and compassion, active exploration and the collaborative use of individual talents.

In this way, our students build a common foundation of moral, emotional and intellectual independence that enables them to meet and exceed their individual goals.

Our Values

It is our belief that, in order for a community to flourish, there must be a common set of values shared among all members of the community. The values of respect, collaboration and diversity are the "givens" that guide how we set our priorities and how we make every decision, small and large, affecting our students, their families and our community as a whole. 

The Value of Respect

In its broadest sense, respect is our first and foremost guiding principle.

Respect can be defined as:

  • Respect for Ourselves - our bodies, our thoughts/ideas/beliefs

  • Respect for One Another - the bodies of others, the thoughts/ideas/beliefs of others, the emotional and physical well-being of others

  • Respect for Our Environment - our physical space, our environmental resources, our planet.

The Value of Collaboration

No matter what the problem to be solved or the goal to be achieved, a collaborative approach is more effective and meaningful than any solo effort.

The Value of Diversity

Without diversity of ideas, cultures, language, talents, etc., our children cannot accomplish real learning or long term problem solving.

Diversity Mission Statement