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Foote School, The
50 Loomis Place    
New Haven, Connecticut  06511  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day 9 480 students


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Employer Description
The Foote School is a private K-9 co-ed day school founded in 1916, located in the Prospect Hill neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut

The Foote School Mission
“Laete cognoscam et laete docebo” (Gladly will I learn and gladly teach)

The Foote School nurtures a lifelong love of learning and teaching and fosters a commitment to excellence in its students and faculty. Teachers lead children to ask questions and discover connections; to think and work independently, collaboratively, and creatively; and to learn by doing. Our community values each child, appreciates differences, and challenges prejudice while giving our students the skills to explore the world with joy and purpose.

We believe that …

A positive learning environment takes shape when students, parents and teachers know and respect one another, and work together to uphold the values and expectations of the community.

Learning together builds community, and yet each student is responsible for engaging in his or her own learning experience. Learning takes time, practice and reflection.

Authentic interactions within the campus environment and with the world encourage students to build upon their knowledge and explore their natural curiosity, imagination and passions.

Providing children with many avenues for self-expression builds confidence and fosters a willingness to take on further intellectual and creative challenges.

We are part of a global community. We are at our best when we embrace and celebrate our diversity and when we actively seek opportunities to serve and lead.

Life is interdisciplinary. Meaningful experiences lead students to discover themselves as scholars and thinkers, as artists and athletes, and as citizens and human beings.

Diversity at The Foote School
Diversity is at the heart of the Foote School mission and the way we live it. As individuals, we uniquely express our backgrounds, experiences and beliefs. Through our relationships and programs, we recognize the inherent worth of each person and strive to respect, understand and honor the value of all communities.
Diversity Mission Statement