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Buckingham Friends School
5684 York Rd.    
Lahaska, Pennsylvania  19054  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day k 8 148 students


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Employer Description

Our Mission

Buckingham Friends School honors the Light within each person, inspires scholarship and spiritual community, and instills the value of caring for others and our world.  

Our Philosophy

Academic preparation and intellectual development are central to the purposes of Buckingham Friends School. Students are guided to develop high educational goals, supported in realizing them, and asked to participate in a variety of activities that promote confidence, competence, and self-worth. Each student is encouraged to take day-to-day responsibility for their work and to use their mind clearly, accurately and responsibly. Children are given opportunities to make choices and to experience the joy and satisfaction that can be found in work and in serving others. Students are engaged in programs that develop creative, analytical, and collaborative skills; while promoting the value of a lifelong love of learning that will support their future success.Buckingham Friends School is committed to the academic preparation of our students, promoting opportunities for family involvement, and fostering a strong and vibrant community. As a Friends school, we believe that everyone has a unique Inner Light worthy of respect and recognition. This belief leads us to nurture the inherent strengths and qualities of each individual and our community through opportunities for worship, discourse, and collaboration. BFS is dedicated to establishing a foundation of simplicity, non-violence, integrity, stewardship, mutual respect, and trust. By having faith in our students and by guiding them, we believe that they can develop an inner discipline that can sustain them personally, academically, and in social settings.

We believe that the learning process must integrate the intellectual, physical, cultural, social, and spiritual development of each person. BFS strives to create a nurturing environment in which young people look forward to being together, where accomplishment becomes a shared celebration, and learning and growth take place in a loving yet structured atmosphere. We are committed to having children develop a realistic approach to life where responsibilities are assumed, failures are accepted, and challenges are worked through without losing sight of an inspiring idealism. Within this context, students can learn to respect themselves, one another, and the diversity of society. We endeavor to teach lasting values by which students can contribute positively to their local and world communities.

Our Core Values

Rooted in the beliefs and traditions of Quakers, our values as a Friends school guide us to engage members of the school community in the shared responsibility of honoring the Light within each person and fostering the growth, individual talents, and passions of every student.

  • Inspirational Academics – We promote academic achievement within an environment of experiential learning to inspire curiosity, creativity, critical and analytical thinking, communication skills, and collaboration. We strive to meet high standards, to remain agile and innovate, and respect individual approaches to thinking and learning.
  • Individual Character and Personal Integrity – We foster originality, honor and encourage each voice, and recognize that the development of an authentic, confident self provides the foundation for realizing personal fulfillment and success as a learner.

  • Caring for Others – Guided by the principles of friendship, we educate young citizens and awaken a strong local and global consciousness, a commitment to peace, and an ability to understand and contribute meaningfully and substantively to our diverse changing world.

  • Connected Community – We cultivate a joyful, involved, and inclusive community devoted to kindness, respect, and establishing trust and accountability.  Together, we invest in the success and the well-being of each child, family, and one another. 

  • Stewards of our World – We engage community members in service work and teach the importance and responsibility of environmental sustainability.  We believe it is essential to connect, collaborate, and make a positive impact on our world for present and future generations.

  • Spirituality and Wellness – We embrace the quality of our spiritual community and strive to ensure the physical, social, and emotional health of each person.  Our intention is to encourage self-awareness, mindfulness, confidence, empathy, and compassion.  We understand that a sustained, balanced approach is vital to being a healthy and productive individual and member of society.

Diversity Mission Statement