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Kent School District
12033 SE 256th ST    
Kent, Washington  98030  
Public School District
Coed Day pre-k 12 28000 students


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About Kent School District:

Kent School District (KSD) is one of the largest, most culturally diverse
school districts in Washington State.

We have 42 schools and academies.
28 elementary schools
6 middle schools
4 high schools
3 academies
1 early learning center

We serve 25,416 students.

We serve approximately 19,000
families in roughly 72 square miles.
Black Diamond
Maple Valley
King County
Diversity Mission Statement
Our Mission
Successfully Preparing All Students For Their Futures.

Our Vision
The Kent School District produces graduates who are globally competitive
learners. Through equitable access to high quality academic, social, and
applied learning, students are ready to excel in college, careers, and in life.

KSD staff view the diversity of the district as an asset and seek to
celebrate and include the various cultures that make the district so rich.
Student Race/Ethnicity
 33.7% of our students are White
 22.6% of our students are Hispanic/Latino of any race(s)
 19.1% of our students are Asian
 11.9% of our students are Black/African American
 9.7% of our students are two or more races
 2.6% of our students are Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander
 0.3% of our students are American Indian/Alaskan Native
Our families speak more than 130 languages.
Top Five Languages
English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian/Ukrainian, Punjabi

KSD sta? are focused on student success, have a commitment to
life-long learning and a willingness to actively participate in professional
learning communities. KSD provides new teachers and new principals
with mentor support.
Graduation Rates
 Class of 2018 Four-Year Graduation Rate: 83.7%
 Class of 2017 Four-Year Graduation Rate: 79.3%
 Class of 2016 Four-Year Graduation Rate: 78.8%

KSD staff are solution focused and work effectively with colleagues. KSD
provides many opportunities to participate in professional development
cadres and leadership development cohorts, and dedicated time each
week for staff to collaborate with colleagues during early release days.
 We have 2,723 approved volunteers.
 We have more than 600 partnerships with community and
faith-based organizations and businesses supporting students
and families in our district.