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KIPP Delta
Helena, Arkansas    


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About KIPP Delta PublicSchools:

Founded in 2002, KIPPDelta Public Schools aspire to create a paradigm shift for underservedpopulations in the Arkansas Delta by establishing centers of academic excellencethat will compete with the top educational programs in the country. As agrowing network of free, open-enrollment, public charter schools, KIPP Deltaserves more than 1,400 students across six schools in Helena, Blytheville, andForrest City, Arkansas.

The KIPP Delta teambelieves in and pursues a “big goal” that the students we serve will graduatefrom college at the same rate (80%) as students from top-income quintilehouseholds across the nation. As the staff lives out the KDPS values of High Expectations,going “Beyond Z,” and Humility, each of our students will be prepared forsuccess in college and life. KIPP Delta Public Schools is helping all studentsclimb the mountain to and through college.

Our Mission and Impact:

With a mission to createand support schools that empower students from underserved communities todevelop the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to pursue acollege education and a life of value, joy, and integrity, KIPP Delta boasts a99% college acceptance rate for its high school seniors and a collegepersistence rate of 83%. To put things in perspective, the national average oflow-income students graduating from college within six years is 10%. KIPPDelta’s founding class is on track to quadruple that figure. Additionally, KIPPDelta’s six graduating classes have earned over $5million in collegescholarships.

Our Academic Vision:

At KIPP Delta we create a joyous-struggle in all of our students by assuring teachers pitch lessonshigh, constantly challenge students, and never under-estimate children’sintellect. We believe students should leave classrooms exhausted and cravingmore. Boredom, ease, and simplicity are cardinal sins. We commit to a rigorousand aligned PreK-12 program built upon college-ready academic standards,effective instructional practices, and meaningful curriculum and assessments.

Diversity Mission Statement