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Emerson Preparatory School
1816 12th Street Northwest, 4th Floor    
Washington, District of Columbia  20009  
Private/Independent School
9 12 50 students


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Emerson’s community relies on a small number of general principles rather than individual rules with specified consequences as a guide  for student conduct inside and outside school.  We appeal to each individuals desire to find a comfortable place in an accepting community with shared goals as the primary means of motivating students. In an collegial atmosphere of mutual respect and accountability, our students develop a strong sense of both personal and communal responsibility.

The Pursuit of Knowledge                                                           Intellectual curiosity, emotional intelligence, inquiry, creativity, inspiration, and challenge are paramount in each individual’s quest for personal fulfillment.

The Development of Perseverance

Learning is a life-long process leading to more and better questions rather than to complete and simple answers.  We believe that the processes of learning, the student’s own efforts, habits, and inquiries, are as important as the resulting quantifiable products.  Individuals stimulated by what they study are more likely to be self-directed, life-long learners who work harder and more passionately as their questions grow more complex.  The stimulating, open environment at Emerson draws out the human, natural desire to learn, to persist, and to thrive.

The Commitment to the Person as a Whole

Our goal is to maximize the potential of each student as a whole person.  By graduation, most students have made considerable strides in becoming more confident, more responsible, more independent thinkers who enjoy the complex challenges of learning and of life.

Broad Diversity

Differences in identity, experiences, interests, and abilities enrich all of us in our attempts to know, interpret, and add meaning to the world around us.  The Emerson community is broadly diverse and inclusive, and promotes collaboration over a range of backgrounds and goals.  To that end, we are unique in attracting an uncommon  proportion of international students who bring the wider world to life within the school.  Recently, we have had students from Iraq, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Colombia, China, Vietnam, Korea, Ethiopia, Swaziland, and Ecuador.  Having so many international students in our community enriches Emerson culturally and educationally, since so many diverse viewpoints are represented in our hallways and classrooms. In addition to international students, we attract gifted students with specialized goals such as exceptionally accomplished artists and athletes who take advantage of Emerson’s flexible program in order to dedicate more time to outside endeavors. Students who have not benefited in large-school settings but are intellectually curious and capable come to Emerson to receive the individualized instruction and take part in the close-knit, communal spirit that helps them continue to grow academically, culturally, and socially.

In our flexible, diverse, and challenging environment, Emerson students can discover and develop their ability to perform well in highly demanding classes and to follow confidently their chosen paths in life.

Diversity Mission Statement