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Escuela Bilingüe Internacional
410 Alcatraz Ave    
Oakland, California  94609  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day 8 360 students


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Employer Description
Our Mission

The mission of Escuela Bilingüe Internacional is to provide an excellent Spanish-English bilingual education based on the highest international academic standards in an environment that thrives on diversity, fosters global citizenship, and develops the character necessary to recognize that cultural uniqueness is the touchstone of our common humanity.

Our Core Values

Bilingualism.  At EBI we recognize that the benefits of being bilingual are profound and multifaceted. We live in an era when facility in multiple languages is an asset in the global environment. We believe that we are all capable of becoming multilingual and that each language opens new worlds for its speakers. Students at EBI will become literate in Spanish and English, and will develop conversational skills in a third language.

Educational Excellence. EBI is a community of learners committed to the highest standards in each and every area of education. We promote the active construction of knowledge, incorporating traditional disciplines into our IB programs of inquiry (PYP and MYP). We strive to instill in all students a joy of learning and the motivation to be self-directed, lifelong inquirers who are agents of change.

Diversity.  At the heart of EBI is the conviction that diversity in all its forms engenders deeper understanding and compassion for all humanity. EBI strives to create a community that reflects the rich and vibrant diversity of the world in which we live, a culture that honors and celebrates myriad experiences and perspectives, and an environment where all are welcome as their true selves. We are committed to an educational philosophy that embraces each individual and affirmatively rejects prejudice and discrimination.   

International Mindedness. EBI believes that international mindedness helps individuals be both their best selves and responsible members of the local and global community. International minded individuals have a strong sense of their own identity and culture and, at the same time, awareness of other people, countries and customs. They have empathy, compassion and an understanding of the complexity and value of diversity. They actively seek to learn about others and appreciate that we are all connected. At EBI we see the world as our broadest community and therefore as a context for learning.

Character. EBI believes that at the heart of education is the cultivation of character. We strive to promote certain qualities of character explicitly, through constructivist methods of inquiry, as well as implicitly, through our everyday actions. Among other qualities, we instill respect for self, others, and the planet, integrity, compassion, cooperation, curiosity, empathy, enthusiasm, open-mindedness, confidence, commitment, and responsibility, with an awareness of our respective positions of privilege.

Diversity Mission Statement