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Peck School, The
247 South Street    
Morristown, New Jersey  07960  
Private/Independent School
k 8 337 students


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A Challenging Curriculum

Whether it’s in the Upper School (grades 5–8), the Lower School (grades K–4), or Kindergarten, our students engage in a carefully crafted curriculum that integrates reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, the sciences, world languages, and a variety of creative endeavors such as painting, drawing, sculpture, music, class plays, and woodworking.

A Caring Community

Everything we do begins and ends with collaboration. When you enroll your child at Peck, we will share a common goal of embracing your child’s talents, dreams, and hopes for the future. Our community of parents is a vital ingredient to the success we’ve enjoyed for more than a century.

A Commitment to Character

It may be as simple as an eighth grader holding open a door for a kindergartner. Or great sportsmanship among a group of students at play. At Peck, consideration of others is on display everywhere. Our acclaimed Individual Development and Community Responsibility Program, InDeCoRe, is a major part of this mission, guiding positive character development across our community. 

A Caring, Renowned Faculty

Our teachers inspire, and are inspired by, their students every day. With an average of 18 years work experience, Peck <a href="" target="_blank" style="color: #5689de;">faculty are experienced and skilled at helping your child succeed. Our faculty work individually and as part of teams to assess each student’s strengths and needs, help determine individual goals, and develop strategies for intellectual growth and personal development. 

A Focus on Technology

We emphasize the use of technology throughout our curriculum. From computer lab classes for Kindergartners, to our one-to-one laptop program, to our campus-wide wireless network, to our state-of-the-art multimedia resources, we are recognized as a leader when it comes to infusing technology into the learning experience.

An Emphasis on Life Skills and Traits

The Life Skills and Traits program at Peck is one of our hallmarks, and is designed to develop, foster, and strengthen in each individual student traits necessary to succeed and thrive in today’s complex and challenging world. These areas include proficiency in public speaking, information literacy, real-world problem solving skills, and an awareness of what it means to be a responsible global citizen. 

And, more than anything, at Peck you will find a caring and supportive environment that celebrates the distinct talents, perspectives, and dreams of our students.

Diversity Mission Statement