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YSC Academy
983 Old Eagle School Road   Suite 605 Door O  
Wayne, Pennsylvania  19087  
Private/Independent School
8 12 65 students


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YSC Academy offers a college-preparatory program ideally suited for student-athletes motivated to realize their intellectual and athletic promise and to become confident, courageous, and responsible young men. Our 75 students, spanning grades 7-12 and post-graduate, have been identified as among the most competitive soccer athletes of their respective age groups. They come from public and private schools to YSC Academy, where we recognize students’ diverse gifts, cater to their learning needs, and aspire to excellence on every front. Averaging 10-12 students each, our small classes enable our experienced faculty to provide students unparalleled individual attention. The school consistently implements pedagogical best practices and insights of current research in learning and cognitive development. We enable students to determine their own pace, and we amend the curriculum to capitalize on students’ individual and intellectual interests. Our 1:1 technology program, in which every student is assigned an Apple PowerBook, enables blended learning: technology-facilitated lessons in the classroom, as well as the remote delivery of content and interactions, especially for students away for soccer-related travel. Finally, and of note, YSC Academy is the first high school in America with a direct affiliation with a major-league soccer team.
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