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College School, The
7825 Big Bend Blvd.    
St. Louis, Missouri  63119  
Private/Independent School
8 260 students


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Employer Description
The College School is an independent school serving children, ages three to fourteen, in joyful, meaningful and creative learning through an adventurous, theme-based, experiential curriculum. 

Our mission is …

To explore the world through authentic experiences, empowering students to engage deeply and be ready for what is next.
Our vision is …
To be the innovative leader and ongoing advocate for experiential education in preschool through eighth grade.
Our core values … 
1. We believe experiential education (including project-based learning, place-based learning, and outdoor education) is the best method for learning.
2. We believe that academic mastery is optimized by using a thoughtful balance of interdisciplinary experiences and individual disciplines of study.
3. We believe that every voice matters and that collaborative participation throughout our school community makes us stronger.
4. We believe our school is a place to build social-emotional and intellectual character.
5. We believe taking risks in a safe environment is an essential component of lifelong learning.
6. We believe reflection on an experience is as important as the experience itself.
7. We believe in the richness and power of an inclusive, transparent, and diverse community.
8. We believe it is our responsibility to live and work sustainably within our environmental and human community.
9. We believe in serving our communities as caring citizens of the world.

Specialists include teachers of visual arts, performing arts (drama & music), Spanish, technology, greenhouse science, and physical education. The early childhood program incorporates the Reggio philosophy, drawn from the internationally renowned schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. The College School owns 28 acres of property along the LaBarque Watershed, just 30 minutes away, for use as an extended campus for project study. 
Diversity Mission Statement