Lawrence Academy

Welcome to Lawrence Academy-An independent high school in Groton, Massachusetts

Mr. Scheibe speaks with Amadu Kunateh '15.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Lawrence Academy as you view it in its virtual surroundings. Of course, there is no substitute for actual presence on the campus, as decades (even centuries) of Lawrence Academy graduates, faculty, and friends would attest. For our part, the Scheibe family is thrilled to be here, and you are enthusiastically invited to visit. Although our family’s experience on the campus is just beginning, we have already experienced the warmth and graciousness of Lawrence’s particular scale and setting. Here, the people fill the physical and educational landscape in ways both comfortable and inspiring.  Both individual strength and personal transformation are supported here in the wider embrace of community.

For all the wonderful benefits a place like Lawrence might offer in the progress of one’s life, the experience of being a member of the Lawrence community is, simply put, an important end in itself.  Yet, such models of personal enterprise and mutual help are an abiding service to the world, and so the work we do together reaches beyond the time and space of our lives here.  Lawrence Academy truly fosters a powerful opportunity to shape both individual lives and the wider world.

We encourage you to experience the constant vitality of the Lawrence community from your particular view, and we do hope you will find ways to share and link your life with the life of the school. 



Organization Name: Lawrence Academy
Address 1: 44 Main St.
Address 2:
City, State, Zip: Groton, Massachusetts  01450
Type: College/University


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