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Atlanta Youth Academy
2120 Forrest Park Rd    
Atlanta, Georgia  30315  
Private/Independent School
pre-k 8 150 students


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Employer Description
Atlanta Youth Academy provides an academically rigorous Christian education for children and youth who come from circumstances in which growing up can be filled with trouble and lost opportunity. At AYA, students are prepared to succeed as learners and thinkers, as action-oriented leaders, and as persons of moral character and spiritual strength. 

Since 1997, AYA has demonstrated what committed individuals can accomplish – families who sacrifice so their children can attend; faculty and staff who would not want to work anywhere else; community supporters whose generosity supplies 80% of the annual operating budget. 

Every child receives a high quality education that instills the joy of learning and opens doors to lifelong opportunity. Just as important, AYA students absorb a powerful sense of purpose and conviction about serving. They understand life as a gift to be fully realized, never trivialized. 

Their AYA experience culminates during the middle school/junior high years. This is a time when many youth become distracted, lethargic, cynical or otherwise unproductive. In these same years, AYA students are attaining social, intellectual and spiritual maturity. They do not fear to be different, knowing that this is what leadership requires. 
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