Valencia College

The winner of the inaugural Aspen Prize for CommunityCollege Excellence, Valencia College is one of the largest community collegesin Florida, teaching more than 73,000 students annually.

But it's our quality of education, not size, that trulymakes us great. Our Honors program is viewed by the National Collegiate andSouthern Regional Honors Council as one of the exemplary programs in thenation. The Orlando Sentinel dubbed our fine-arts faculty one of the best inthe region, and director Steven Spielberg called our film program one of thebest anywhere. But the opinions that matter most are those of our students, and92 percent say we met or exceeded their expectations on overall quality ofeducation.

We strive to ensure that equal access to higher educationbelongs to everyone, because the future does, too.

We stand in the gap between what is and what can be. We pavea path to true potential. Whether it’s helping students land a dream job orcontinue on to the university of their dreams, we do everything in our power tomake that possible for each and every one of our students.

Recognized as one of “The Great Colleges to Work For” by theChronicle of Higher Education, we understand the importance of fostering acollaborative environment that encourages teamwork, creativity and theachievement of a true work/life balance.

At Valencia College, it’s more than just a job. We’recommitted to helping our students reach their full potential by providing themwith the right opportunities, the right tools and the right support. And thatbegins with recruiting the right talent.

We seek leaders. Inspirers. Motivators. Educationalenthusiasts, passionate optimists and experienced realists. Individuals who notonly believe in our students, but will help our students believe in themselves.

Valencia College has six campuses as well as a School ofPublic Safety, an Advanced Manufacturing Training Center and a District Office,all conveniently located throughout Central Florida and easily accessible bylocal freeways, expressways, and surface streets. But the convenient commute isjust part of the appeal. With beautiful year-round weather, endlessentertainment and dining options, and world-famous attractions, there's noshortage of incredible ways to spend your spare time.



Organization Name: Valencia College
Address 1: P.O.Box 3028
Address 2:
City, State, Zip: Orlando, Florida  32802
Type: College/University
Number of Students: 65000
Lowest Grade: Other
Highest Grade: Other


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