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Foundation Academies
363 West State Street   22 Grand Street  
Trenton, New Jersey  08618  
Charter School
k 12 1000 students


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Employer Description
Foundation Academies was founded in 2007 with one middle school. Since then, we have grown to serve more than 1,000 students, operating with four schools on two campuses. We are proud to be the largest and highest-ranking K-12 free public charter school in New Jersey’s capital city, Trenton. We were founded with the vision of a world where every child, irrespective of race, gender, or socioeconomic background, has access to a high-quality public education—and we work relentlessly to live up to this promise.

Our Core Beliefs

Family First
We believe strongly in relationships. We love our students, our families, and the Trenton community. Even when we do not agree, LOVE is at the root of what we do and how we do it. As we have grown as an organization, we have intentionally kept our schools small so that relationships stay at the forefront.

We believe in the importance of humility, recognizing that constant growth is necessary for all people. The Foundation Academies faculty and staff are working together to embody an ever-evolving organization committed to continuously providing a better education for our kids. We want them to embrace lifelong habits of adapting and growing by accepting that learning never ends. To accomplish this, we need to constantly reflect, learn, and challenge each other to be better.

Excellence Always
We believe in the pursuit of excellence in everything that we do. Our classroom instruction, our string concerts, our facilities: all of them should exude excellence. Our children deserve to be raised in that environment so they can thrive and reach their potential.
Diversity Mission Statement
We ALL must do the internal work required to ensure that our mission, goals, and practices are, and must remain, ACTIVELY anti-racist. Claiming ignorance doesn’t permit complacency. If we want real change, we all need to be the change, and THIS requires action. We hold ourselves accountable and are committed to ensuring that our words and actions live up to our greatest ideals.   

We stand in solidarity with our students, staff, families, supporters, Trenton community members, and others who are actively exposing racism, demanding justice, and protesting on behalf of the rights of Black Americans. People of Color Lives Matter. Children of Color Matter. People of Color Futures Matter. 

Education is the key to rooting out ignorance and creating a more just world, and we are proud to share a number of anti-racism educational resources here.

To ensure that all of our students secure the academic knowledge and skills to prepare them for the nation's finest colleges, and to instill in them the core values of caring, respect, responsibility, and honesty.

Our vision is to create a wide range of intentional learning experiences in a joyful, inclusive, and culturally responsive environment so that all our scholars can develop the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill their purpose.