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Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls
1901 N. Kingshighway    
St. Louis, Missouri  63113  
Charter School
Girls 6 9 250 students


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Employer Description
Our Mission Statement

Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment that enables young women from diverse backgrounds to achieve academic success in a college preparatory program and to become leaders in their communities and professions.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We are truthful, fair, respectful, and trustworthy in our words and actions. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards. We are responsible for our words and actions. We respect ourselves and others, even when it’s hard.

Contribution: We are part of the Hawthorn  sisterhood. We support each other and help one another. When we see a need, we demonstrate leadership to fill it. We all have something to contribute to the community around us -- in and out of school. We join in and take ownership of our learning. Each of us brings excellence to the classroom. We contribute to our community because we get out of it what we put it into it.

Support: We encourage, celebrate, and value one another as individuals. We accept each other’s differences and celebrate our differences.



Courage: We take chances and risks in the classroom. We don’t give up when we’re feeling discouraged. We are determined to learn and improve every day. We are not afraid to be ourselves. It is okay to be curious and feel safe to go out on a limb. We advocate for ideas, ourselves, and others with confidence.


Joy: We are positive, energetic, and allow space for laughter. We are quick to show gratitude and camaraderie. We celebrate our individual and collective accomplishments. We find the fun in learning.



Diversity Mission Statement