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City of Cambridge
51 Inman Street    
Cambridge, Massachusetts  02139  
Public School [Stand Alone]
153 students


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Dept. of Human Service Programs (DHSP) 617-349-6200

51 Inman Street

Provides a wide range of services that enhance the quality of life of Cambridge residents.

Adult Basic Education

Community Learning Center 617-349-6363

5 Western Avenue

The CLC provides basic literacy instruction, (reading, writing and math), high school preparation (HiSET), English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), citizenship preparation, and certificate training programs (CNA and HHA). In addition, it provides ESOL for Cambridge Housing Authority residents, a Bridge to College programs, family literacy and workplace education. Educational and career advising is offered to all students. Services and classes are free of charge.

Children, Youth & Families

Agenda for Children

Out of School Time Initiative 617-349-4099

Provides professional development support for out-of-school time professionals and programs.

Literacy Initiative 617-665-3812

Free early literacy program for all families in Cambridge with children birth to 8 years.

Childcare Programs (DHSP) 617-349-6200

Licensed preschool and afterschool childcare programs offer appropriate curriculum for children 2 years and 9 months to 10 years.

Baby University 617-349-7706

Designed for parents with children birth to age 3. Aims to: increase parentsknowledge on a variety of child-rearing topics; strengthen parent-child relationships; break parental isolation; and connect parents to community resources.

Center for Families 617-349-6385

70R Rindge Avenue

Citywide parent/child activities and family education/support programs, prenatal to age 8.

Preschool Programs ( 2.9-5 years) 617-349-6254 (full day, 12 month programs)

Our preschool program believes that young children learn through play.  All classrooms are equipped with activity areas where children explore and engage in developmentally appropriate play and activities that build social-emotional competence and other important school readiness skills.

Six classrooms provide full-day (10 hours a day) and year-long care.  Classrooms are open on a reduced schedule on snow days.   All programs have a staff-to-teacher ratio of 4 staff to 16 or 17 children.   One classroom offers families a half-day, ten-month program.

All preschool programs are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care and accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). 

Kennedy Longfellow Preschool

King Open Preschool

M. L. King Preschool

Morse Preschool

Peabody Preschool

Windsor Preschool

Haggerty Preschool (half day, 10 month program)

Afterschool Childcare Programs 617-349-6254 (JK5th grade)

Our after-school program is designed to build children’s social skills and enhance their school-day learning. Children engage in developmentally appropriate project-based learning curriculum, both individually and in groups.

For ten months of the year (including early release days), all seven classrooms provide care from the end of the school-day until 5:55 p.m.  Programs are open during school vacation weeks and on snow days.   All programs have a staff-to-teacher ratio of 3 staff to 24 or 25 children.  

All after-school programs are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care and our staff are trained in basic inclusionary practices.

Fletcher/Maynard Afterschool

King Afterschool

Morse Afterschool

Peabody Afterschool

King Open Extended Day 617-349-6078

359 Broadway Street

(JK5th grade)

Jointly sponsored by the Cambridge School Department and the Department of Human Services serving 130 children enrolled in the King Open School.

Community Schools and Neighborhood Councils 617-349-6200

Provides a network of neighborhood services, offering educational, cultural, social and recreational opportunities for all ages, including individuals with special needs. Community School Directors work with their Neighborhood Councils to assess community needs and design quality, cost effective Out of School Time programs, including afterschool enrichment classes, two extended day partnerships with the School Department, full day summer and vacation camps, and two preschool camp programs.

Agassiz (at Baldwin School) 617-349-6287

Amigos-Cambridgeport (at Amigos School) 617-349-6824

Elm St. (at Cambridgeport School) 617-349-6307

Fitzgerald (at Peabody School) 617-349-6302

Fletcher/Maynard 617-349-6295

Haggerty 617-349-6264

Harrington (at King Open School at Broadway) 617-349-6305

Kennedy 617-349-6308

Linnaean (at Graham & Parks School) 617-349-6267

Longfellow 617-349-6260

M.L. King 617-349-6269

Morse 617-349-6291

Tobin 617-349-6300

Youth Centers 617-349-6200

Serves youth ages 919, developing social, recreational, leadership, and academic skills at five youth centers throughout the city. Four centers have licensed afterschool programs with separate specialized afterschool and middle school programs for grades 4-8, while five centers offer teen programs with work-based learning and enrichment activities, plus sports and leisure activities for teens, 1419 years old.

Moses 243 Harvard St. 617-349-6262

Frisoli 61 Willow St. 617-349-6312

Gately 70R Rindge Ave. 617-349-6277

Moore 12 Gilmore St. 617-349-6273

Russell 680 Huron Ave. 617-349-6314

Inclusion Services 617-349-6200

DHSP welcomes individuals with disabilities who meet the basic eligibility requirements of the out-of-school time programs or who with the provision of reasonable accommodations will be able to meet the basic eligibility requirements. Families are encouraged to contact Nicole Horton-Stimpson, the Manager of Inclusion Services, with questions regarding enrollment, types of services and the assessment process.


Diversity Mission Statement