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Emerson School
5425 Scio Church    
Ann Arbor, Michigan  48162  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day 8 342 students


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Employer Description
The mission of Emerson School is to provide a whole child, multiple method approach to instruction for gifted and for academically talented students. Emerson School encourages creativity, problem solving, and the development of basic skills, while providing a warm, supportive environment that promotes responsibility for oneself and others.

Children learn best in a caring environment in which each child’s unique gifts and talents are celebrated. People learn with different styles and at different rates. Teachers work to accommodate individual needs, and to foster positive, realistic self-concepts. They work to promote self-reliance and self-discipline in students. In our school, cognitive and creative risk-taking become safe and valued. Our atmosphere encourages mutual respect. Children learn by doing, by being listened to, by participating, and by working together. In working with gifted and academically talented students, Emerson seeks to teach basic skills, encourage higher-level thinking, and to nurture creativity. We address the needs of the whole child, and recognize the need for children to develop intellectually, artistically, physically, socially, and emotionally. The school endeavors to instill important values, including respect, responsibility, compassion, and honesty. In doing so, we promote the importance of contributing to the Emerson School community and the larger communities in which we live.
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