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Blue Ridge School
273 Mayo Drive    
St. George, Virginia  22935  
Private/Independent School
9 12 185 students


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Blue Ridge School is not merely built for boys.  It's also built upon a a foundation of beliefs that support the development of a boy's mental, physical, emotional, professional, and social potentials.  Here are the philosophies that form the foundation of our beliefs. Our Mission: We specifically focus on helping boys reach their potential through personalized, structured, innovative learning practices in a college-preparatory, all-boarding community. The Foundation of Our Approach: From our Headmaster and Deans to our faculty and staff, we share a unified vision that forms the foundation of our approach and includes the following beliefs: An all-male, all-boarding environment facilitates bonding and connection, minimizes distractions, emphasizes character, develops leadership skills, helps boys become better men, and enables boys to better relate to learning. A structured, systematic approach to learning - emphasizing study, time -- management and organizational skills, and providing the time and resources for help and improvement -- motivates young men to achieve and prepare for adulthood. A regular program of worship and/or reflection promotes spiritual and moral awareness, as well as growth. Educational programs should be student-focused and students should be responsible for their learning, acting as active participants in the learning and assessment processes. The most important role for our faculty and staff is to serve as advisors and guardians for the boys. This caring, respect-driven relationship sets the tone for participation in, appreciation of, and buy-in to the total Blue Ridge experience.  Our Code of Conduct is the linchpin and ethical compass that guides the Blue Ridge journey.  The quality of our residence life is the centerpiece around which every other aspect of the Blue Ridge experience revolves and determines how disposed a boy is to learning and community involvement.  Communal life provides fertile ground for learning responsible decision-making skills, empathy, mutual respect, acceptance of differences, and teamwork. A comprehensive co-curricular program is an essential part of the learning and growth experience.  Sports, the arts, clubs, service learning, outdoor programs, and social activities are all valuable vehicles for developing the unique array of gifts and/or interests that inspire every young man.  Such programs build self-esteem and foster and appreciation for - and development of - skills in leadership and teamwork. 
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