Blue Ridge School
273 Mayo Drive    
St. George, Virginia  22935  
Private/Independent School
9 12 185 students


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Employer Website: http://www.blueridgeschool.com
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We specifically focus on helping boys reach their potential through personalized, structured, innovative learning practices in a college-preparatory, all-boarding community.


Every day, Blue Ridge School works with young men to hone their strengths, realize their potential, and move confidently into the future. As a school, we expect no less of ourselves. In 2014 and 2015, individuals from across the Blue Ridge community gathered to set a vision for the school’s future. Faculty, parents, alumni, students and school leaders considered an essential question: HOW WILL BLUE RIDGE SCHOOL THRIVE IN A COMPLEX AND EVER-CHANGING WORLD? THROUGHOUT OUR DISCUSSIONS, WE KEPT RETURNING TO AN INDISPUTABLE FACT: THE WORLD NEEDS CAPABLE YOUNG MEN OF CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY. Now more than ever, Barons have a vital role to play in their families, communities and society at large.

From this foundation we developed Baron Strong: Building the Future of Blue Ridge School. It details our plans for reaching prospective students and families, refining the school’s signature programs, investing in faculty and staff, and creating a self-sustaining future. In short, it is our blueprint for ensuring that generations of boys will continue to learn and grow within a community built around the way they learn best.

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