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Adlai Stevenson High School
One Stevenson Drive    
Lincolnshire, Illinois  60069  
Public School District
9 12 4200 students


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Stevenson High School Vision Statement

Our tradition of sustained excellence has been built upon a foundation of the search for continuous improvement and lifelong learning. This vision statement reflects what we hope to become as a school community. It is our vision for the future.  

The following vision statement was approved in 2018. It follows earlier vision statements created in 1983, 1990, 1996 and 2010. 

Our vision statement rests upon five pillars: curriculum; equity, access and inclusivity; professional learning community; culture for learning; and community engagement. Each pillar is detailed below.

In order to ensure “Success for Every Student,” we will implement a guaranteed, viable and rigorous curriculum that meets the evolving needs of our students while prioritizing active engagement and reflective problem-solving. Our curriculum will encourage students to scrutinize evidence of their learning, challenge their thinking, and forge new understandings. We will help students gain confidence, discover their talents, and develop the skills they need to succeed in life.

Equity, Access, and Inclusivity
In order to ensure “Success for Every Student,” we will recognize every student as a valued individual. Students will learn in a safe, inclusive space, where they are taught to understand the value of their own experiences in relation to other, diverse perspectives. We will be relentless in removing barriers to full equity, access, and inclusivity in our curricular and co-curricular programming. We will establish high academic and behavioral expectations, and we will provide students with the supports required to help them meet or exceed those expectations. 

Professional Learning Community
In order to ensure “Success for Every Student,” we will sustain a culture focused on learning, collaboration, and results. Our culture of continuous improvement will be driven by collective inquiry, innovative instructional practices, and learning-centered assessment and grading practices. We will implement impactful intervention strategies that provide students with more time and support when needed in order to ensure learning and achievement. As a model Professional Learning Community, we will participate in state, national, and global initiatives focused on improving educational outcomes.

Culture for Learning
In order to ensure “Success for Every Student,” all decision-making processes will be based on the best interests of our students and their learning. We will promote social-emotional learning and a healthy life balance for all students as we nurture  continuous improvement and growth in their curricular and co-curricular experiences. We will encourage students to set attainable and aspirational goals, learn the value of hard work and dedication, and embrace the challenges and opportunities they will experience in high school and beyond.

Community Engagement
In order to ensure “Success for Every Student,” we will actively engage and support the Stevenson H.S. community. We value and respect our community’s diverse perspectives, and will provide opportunities for parents and others to inform and support the vision and values of our school. We will forge collaborative partnerships with those who share expertise, providing authentic and innovative student-learning experiences. We are committed to utilizing our resources and facilities to develop and implement educational and recreational opportunities as we work to connect the community and school. 

Diversity Mission Statement