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Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School
1 Industrial Parkway    
Easthampton, MA, Massachusetts  01027  
Charter School
k 8 218 students


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Nuestra misión y filosofía en español
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The Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School was founded in 1995 as a Massachusetts Public Charter School.

• To engage students in a school that uses experiential, hands-on activities, the arts, and interdisciplinary studies to foster critical thinking skills and a joy of learning.
• To sustain a cooperative, intimate community of students, staff, families and local community members, which guides and supports the school and its educational program.
• To cultivate children’s individual voices and a shared respect for each other, our community, and the world around us.


The Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School was founded in 1995 as Massachusetts
Public Charter School. Inspired by the pre-schools of Reggio Emilia in Italy, our educational approach is grounded in knowledge of children’s development and in a commitment to teaching creative, critical thinking skills, and strong basic skills to kindergarten – 8th graders.

At HCCPS, we believe that children construct their understanding of the world through direct experience, with teachers serving as guides and resources. We create an engaging and joyful learning environment using an interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum. Emphasis is placed on asking children and adults to reflect on and document the learning process. The expressive arts play a critical role in the academic and social curriculum, and create a common language that brings our community together in meaningful ways.

HCCPS welcomes and relies on family involvement. Children, families, staff and community form an integrated, interdependent system whose governance structures guide and support the school and its educational program. Beyond academic curriculum, children learn essential life skills through participation in an intimate, whole school cooperative. Involvement in the local environment and its communities inspires learning and encourages social and civic responsibility as well as stewardship for the earth.

Parents and teachers help children to care for and respect themselves and each other. We strongly believe that cultivation of each individual voice within a community leads to inclusion of and respect for differences and multiple perspectives.

Diversity Mission Statement