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Keys School
2890 Middlefield Rd    
Palo Alto, California  94306  
Non-Profit Organization [Non School]


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Employer Description

Our Mission

Keys School challenges students to develop a keen intellect and a generous spirit, to advocate for themselves and others, and to honor curiosity and reflection in an increasingly hurried world.

Keys Students:

  • Know themselves and treasure relationships
  • Pursue intellectual challenges
  • Reason, communicate, and persuade with conviction
  • Play, perform, and create with enthusiasm
  • Utilize technology to advance innovation, design, and collaboration
  • Explore the natural world and its complex systems
  • Seek and embrace the diverse perspectives and experiences of our global community
  • Thrive in high school and life
Diversity Mission Statement

Growing an Inclusive Community

We know that a diversity of thoughts, experiences, and backgrounds is necessary for our students to learn deeply and engage meaningfully in the world.  We work to build a supportive, respectful, caring community of adults and children that reflects and affirms all aspects of identity.  At Keys, every voice matters.

We embed conversations about identity in curriculum and policy. We cultivate an environment where we seek and embrace the diverse perspectives and experiences of our global community; where each seeks to know and be known.

We commit to engage fully in the daily, courageous, complex, messy work of hearing and valuing each other.  We aspire to foster thinkers and leaders who invest in their ongoing personal development, who practice inclusivity, who challenge assumptions, and who strive to create a more just world.

Know and be known.  Listen and be heard.  Dive in…