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Alcuin School
6144 Churchill Way   Alcuin School  
Dallas, Texas  75230  
Private/Independent School
12 600 students


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Employer Description
Alcuin School was founded more than 50 years ago based on the Montessori philosophy and the belief that all children are individuals with distinct needs and unique strengths. I am grateful to be a part of such a community where each of its members contributes to his/her own measure of success, and to the extraordinary experience that is Alcuin. There is no single idea of success or failure here. We teach the whole child and are always guided by our core values of community, integrity, imagination, inquiry and independence, and our mission to inspire students "to reach their highest levels of personal and academic achievement and guiding them to become compassionate global citizens”. Let one of our 6th grade students speak for himself:
“Education is the main priority of all public and private schools all around the world. In Alcuin, you don’t fear to ask questions and the teachers all support children taking risks. Unlike some schools with teachers lecturing children and telling them what to do, Alcuin school teachers give children the freedom to explore concepts that they are interested in. Teachers participate with each child, giving them the opportunity to grow in education. ...Alcuin school allows different ethnicities and cultures to work together giving all children an opportunity to know that we are all one in society.”
It is through our unique combination of Montessori and International Baccalaureate that our students learn where their strengths are and consider what their next steps will be. They are strong enough to explore themselves and the world in an atmosphere of community support and with joy in their discoveries.
I welcome you to our unique and beautiful campus and invite you to read through the information on our website. I also encourage you to visit our campus and observe the learning environment in person.
Diversity Mission Statement
Alcuin School is dedicated to elevating social justice awareness while continuing to educate our community about our supportive and inclusive environment. With the Montessori and International Baccalaureate philosophies, Alcuin naturally promotes opportunities to celebrate the qualities that make each of us unique.