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Austin Waldorf School
Austin Waldorf School   8700 South View Rd.  
Austin, Texas  78737  
Private/Independent School
12 390 students


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Employer Description
Located on 25 magical acres in the Austin hill-country, the Austin Waldorf School is celebrating its 40th anniversary as a thriving k-12 Waldorf community. AWS is the only accredited Waldorf school in Texas and is in close proximity to vibrant local culture and the great outdoors. For quality of life, affordability, and job prospects, Austin has been voted the #1 place to live in America for the third year in a row. We’re seeking faculty and staff who project an infectious love of learning, and honor the lives of children with respect, attention, curiosity, and humor.
Diversity Mission Statement
“We seek to unite people of all races and nations, and bridge the division and differences between various groups of people.” -Rudolf Steiner, The Universal Human lecture You belong here. When spoken with meaningful, heart-full authenticity, these three words uplift the spirit, and open doors for learning, while inspiring growth, connection, and fulfillment. As a community of learning, the Austin Waldorf School actively welcomes families, children, faculty and staff of all races, religions, classes, origins, ethnicities, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, and family cultures. We believe that this range of difference fosters a richer learning environment, instilling values of empathy and collaboration more deeply in each of us. We strive to have all learners, all families, all staff, feel the sense of belonging and true inclusion. We know this is incredibly good for everyone and it’s part of our school’s DNA. Waldorf pedagogy stands on principles that embrace our common humanity and the equality of all people. However, it takes work. Understanding and appreciating differences, working through implicit biases and making conscious the undermining, systemic messages about ‘others’ – this takes work. For us to open to new perspectives and find common ground in our humanity takes work. Striving for honest communication and authentic listening, especially when hard topics arise, takes work. The Austin Waldorf School is committed to this work; to the ongoing practice of courageous self-reflection, organizational development, and individual inner work. As such, we pledge to the following: We pledge to invite and encourage students, faculty and parents in sharing their backgrounds. Through stories, songs, myths, and customs, we share the richness of our diversity and enhance the experience of understanding and belonging. We pledge to engage faculty in ongoing DEI (Diversty, Equity and Incusion) anti-racist work, which includes training and personal growth and the review of school curriculum to ensure that the rich experience of all peoples is communicated to the children in a manner that is consistent with equity and the principles of Waldorf pedagogy. We define Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as follows. Diversity: Having different types of people from a wide range of identities with different perspectives, experiences, etc. (Source: Merriam-Webster) Equity: Removing the predictability of success or failure that currently correlates with any social or cultural factor (such as race), examining biases, and creating inclusive environments. (Adopted from: National Equity Project) Inclusion: Putting diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect, and connection – where the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives are harnessed to create value. (Source: Diversity Journal) We pledge to support the work of our DEI Committee: DEI Committee’s Vision We believe that an inclusive and equitable environment provides a more rich educational experience for our students (in head, heart and hands), and prepares them to meet the reality of the world in all its diversity. A diverse learning environment spurs creative thinking. When learners know to listen for, encourage and honor multiple voices and stories, (perspectives), it helps them grow as flexible and creative thinkers. When the curriculum and pedagogical direction reflects all people, all people will be attracted to the school. DEI Committee’s Mission The DEI Committee seeks to create opportunities to educate and engage our faculty, students, and community in the courageous and rich self-development available through DEI learning. We research, recommend and support ways to bring equity and inclusion to all facets of school life, culture, policies, procedures, and curriculum. We bring experts in the field of DEI work to support the development of our faculty, families, learners and extended community. DEI Committee’s Aim Our aim is to evolve for the future. Through DEI work, we aim to ensure the relevance of Waldorf education in a rapidly changing and globalized world. We aim to support and nurture a school and community culture where inclusivity and equity are enlivened, living experiences, not an initiative. ______________________________________________________________________________________ We embrace the reality that this work is always ongoing – that we never arrive at the point of being finished. In this striving, it is our goal that the culture and individuality of every member of the community is seen, valued, and celebrated. We invite all to join in the service of expanding the beauty of diversity at our school, community and the world. As an independent school, and as part of the association of Waldorf Schools of North America, we recognize the historic and ongoing impact of racism on our continent and the injustice and discrimination faced by black, brown and minority communities. We understand that inclusivity and equity is a journey of both moral and educational imperative. As such, we take seriously our responsibility to bear witness to what is happening in the world, to elevate the voices of marginalized people, to change the course of inequities, and to break down structural racism in all forms where it exists. To be engaged, one must feel included and valued. We strive for fair and equitable ground, united by compassion for our common humanity, as we seek to recognize and celebrate our diverse ways of being. All cultures, races and ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, religions and spiritual practices, bodies, and learning styles are welcomed within our school community. An Invitation to Students, Parents and Faculty and Staff We welcome you to reach out when you feel moved or inspired to support this work at AWS. Or if you feel you need support and advocacy. Maybe you’d like to join us for a meeting, maybe you have a story to tell, maybe you want to help us in broadening this work throughout our community. All voices, ideas, and collaborations are welcome! “Ultimately, Inclusion is not about asking people to fit in, it is about creating spaces where people can belong in their authenticity and diversity.” Kori Carew