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Green Ivy Schools
25 Pine Street    
New York, New York  10005  
Private/Independent School
6 230 students


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Green Ivy Schools was founded by Dr. Jennifer Jones in New York City in 2012 to serve as a foundational network of schools representing best practices in education worldwide.The first two schools in the Green Ivy family are Pine Street School (Nursery-8th Grade) and Battery Park Montessori (Nursery-Kindergarten). These are “sister schools” and serve as two campuses in the Green Ivy network.Both schools offer internationally respected models of education (International Baccalaureate and Montessori), exceptional teachers, empassioned leaders, multilingual instruction and forward-thinking approaches. And both embody the warmth and sense of community that lets you know you are in a Green Ivy School.Our program of instruction encourages curiosity, supports student agency, and is rooted in our students' experiences of the global world. These pedagogical traits, coupled with our integration of technology, have prepared our students and our entire learning community exceptionally well for Remote Learning.In our Remote Learning approach, you see that our dedicated faculty create the familiarity and expectations of the school routine in the virtual classrooms with the whole group, differentiated groups, and independent instruction. Our students, as digital natives, are at ease with the online environment, and quickly develop the capacity to present their world and follow through on engaging and intellectually rigorous lessons and assignments. We are proud that we are not only providing rich learning opportunities, but enhancing the depth of the understanding and development that takes place.

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