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Chatham Hall
800 Chatham Hall Circle    
Chatham, Virginia  24531  
Private/Independent School
9 12 155 students


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Employer Description
Chatham Hall is an independent girls boarding school for students in grades 9 through 12. Located in rural Chatham, VA, this dynamic learning institution inspires students to be themselves and to find their passions, and to learn about the world beyond themselves. Students are challenged to think critically, to do what they love, and to find ways to make the world a better place. Beyond the transformational curriculum and classroom experience, Chatham Hall students are encouraged to explore programs that allow individuals to follow their internal motivation and to  take a deep dive into an area of intense interest - traveling to far-flung areas of the globe to find the answers to their essential questions, to group programs that open up the world to our students: spring break trips to South Africa, India, Finland and Estonia. We invite women to campus who fuel the Leaders in Residence programs and who engage our students in conversations about what it is like to dedicate one's life to a cause. Our Episcopal heritage, as well as the School's honor code root us in community and allow us to concentrate on the important things in life. 
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