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The future of higher education has arrived. In a world of universities that protect legacies created centuries ago, students and parents are being sold an outdated model of education at an overpriced cost. Sol House is the first major disruptor to arrive with the online revolution - and we’re looking for people like you to join.

THE PROBLEM: traditional college education has not evolved for hundreds of years, and yet tuition continues to skyrocket. The average four-year cost of tuition and fees at a public university is over $170 thousand dollars. And yet, six years post-graduation, 50% of students are making less than $27 thousand dollars a year! On top of that, 73% of graduates are not even using their degree after entering the “real world”.

The colleges sell you on the idea that it’s what everyone else is doing, that you have no other option - but you’ve solved problems before, and there must be another way… a BETTER way.

THE SOLUTION: Sol House, a new higher education program that takes only the best parts of online learning and on-campus living to create a hybrid college experience at a fraction of the cost. Students will have the opportunity to take any online courses of their choosing, whether it is a full degree program, a certification, or just a few classes to explore interests before committing to a larger investment. But rather than taking these classes from the confines of a home, they will be living on our campuses located in the ultimate playgrounds the world has to offer: Miami, New York, London, even the beaches of Panama.

THE LIFE: Each campus has its own curriculum to help students achieve their goals in the “real world” - even if they’re not sure what those goals are yet. Between academic counseling, skill workshops, cultural programming, health/wellness activities, and a global network of changemakers, Sol House is designed to create students of life rather than students who can read, study, regurgitate and forget.

But we’ve also rethought what it means to have FUN when you’re not in class. Traditional campuses are designed to keep students locked in, and their idea of a common space to hang out is the library. The Sol House campus is a modern oasis in the heart of each city: think pools, cafes, bars and outdoor lounges all designed by leading artists to encourage creativity and community (and, sometimes, just to look great on the ‘gram).

And since we believe that travel is one of the most transformative experiences to help students learn about themselves and others, we encourage traveling between each site, allowing them to “study abroad” in a new city any semester of their choosing.

THE STUDENT: We are looking for builders from every single background - our students and parents will be creating something that’s never been done before. The next generation is going to confront big challenges, not just how they get a degree but how they save the world from issues such as injustice, climate change, pandemic illnesses, and more. We need problem solvers, and collaborators in a community that will place more value on diversity, equality and identity than any other legacy program. Let’s do this differently… and let’s do it together.
Diversity Mission Statement
For us, diversity isn't limited to having students from around the world studying and performing service in locations around the world. We are committed to racial, socioeconomic, experiential, and other forms of diversity across the organization, including leadership. Our houses are designed to bring diversity in practice. While, many campuses across the US pride themselves on their diversity numbers, the reality on campus is self-segregation. Sol House is committed to keeping our community value of "one" where we practice diversity in practice. We do this through programming and keeping our numbers of students low so that students do not feel the need to "tribe" off.

It is important to us that our Sol House faculty represent the diversity of our student body.