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Cary Academy
1500 N Harrison Ave    
Cary, North Carolina  27513  
Private/Independent School
6 12 770 students


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Employer Description
As members of the Cary Academy Learning Community, we believe:
• Learning is an iterative and interdependent process. 
• Taking risks, embracing struggle, and developing resilience are essential to deep and life-long learning. 
• Individuals must develop self-awareness as learners and take ownership of their learning. 
• Clear, ongoing, and timely feedback elicits self-reflection and drives growth. 
• Physical, social, and emotional balance is essential for learning and well-being. 
• The most impactful learning occurs where people, disciplines, and ideas connect to address human and community needs. 
• Diverse and inclusive environments create a secure and affirming culture that enables both the individual and the community to flourish. 
• Excellent teaching is the foundation of an outstanding learning community. 

The Cary Academy Professional Culture 
• Above all else, we are fiercely committed to putting our students first in all that we do. 
• We are relentless in the pursuit of our mission. 
• We are insatiably curious, knowing that if we are open to and excited about learning, the right answers will come to us—eventually! 
• Tradition matters to us, but moving forward with an eye to the new, different and unexplored matters even more. 
• We deliberately seek out a broad range of backgrounds and experiences in our employees and value this as essential to allowing our community to grow and innovate. 
• We share ideas, information and perspectives in a way that honors and empowers everyone and allows our community to thrive. 
• We nurture meaningful relationships with community members that make us look forward to coming to work each day. 
• We are self-motivated professionals who take pride in and responsibility for the work we do.
Diversity Mission Statement
Cary Academy's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
Committed to attracting and retaining a diverse staff, Cary Academy encourages applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We seek to create working and learning environments that are safe and inclusive. 

 The Cary Academy Diversity Mission Statement 
 "Cary Academy fosters a learning community where the richness of diversity is recognized, respected, and embraced. Our view in diversity includes, but is not limited to ability, age, appearance, gender, national origin, personal qualities, race, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Our vision is to nurture and sustain an equitable and inclusive environment where everyone is valued.”