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28-07 Jackson Avenue    
Long Island City, New York  11101  
Non-Profit Organization [Non School]


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Employer Description
NYC Kids RISE is a nonprofit organization working to expand economic opportunity and equity by providing families, schools, and communities with a way to work together to save for their children’s education. Building on the dreams and expectations that families have for their children’s futures, NYC Kids RISE aims to make attending and graduating from college more achievable for all NYC public school students—regardless of where they come from or how much their families have in the bank. NYC Kids RISE manages the Save for College Program in partnership with the NYC Department of Education and the City of New York.
Diversity Mission Statement
Every kindergarten, first-grade, second-grade, and third-grade family in District 30 can participate in the Save for College Program regardless of the child’s or their family’s immigration status. 

It can be tough to save for college. For many families, sending their children to college may seem out of reach. NYC Kids RISE, in partnership with the City of New York and the NYC Department of Education, started the Save for College Program to empower families to begin saving and planning for college and career training from their child’s very first days of school. Research shows that children with a college savings account of between $1 and $500 are three times more likely to enroll in college and more than four times more likely to graduate. Research also shows that children who attend college earn a significantly higher salary over their lifetimes and are less likely to be unemployed.