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Ithaca Waldorf School
20 Nelson Rd    
Ithaca, New York  14850  
Private/Independent School
8 60 students


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Employer Description
The Ithaca Waldorf School brings together families, teachers, alumni, and supporters who are dedicated to the principles of Waldorf education and to creating a joyful and inspiring community experience from Pre-K to Grade 8. School life centers on our teachers’ commitment and collaborative work, an active parent body, and a curriculum that awakens a love of learning in our children. We seek to discover creative and innovative ways to work, educate, and celebrate together.
Diversity Mission Statement
Diversity Statement
The Ithaca Waldorf School welcomes a diverse community which includes a range of  nationalities, gender and social identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, racial identifications,  family structures, belief systems and religions, ages, abilities, languages, and political  affiliations. By forming an inclusive and supportive school community, we strive to create an  educationally and morally healthy social life.  

Adopted by Full Faculty, August 31, 2015 

Mandate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committeeof the Ithaca Waldorf School Purpose: To further the Ithaca Waldorf School Diversity Statement  


1. To promote the growth of an inclusive community at the Ithaca Waldorf School  

2. To support and engage in active conversations around inclusion and equity  

3. To commit to looking within ourselves for ways to broaden an awareness,  understanding and appreciation of others’ perspectives 

4. To engage in healthy conflict resolution, working with and out of compassion. 

5. To actively develop an anti-bias, anti-racist attitude within ourselves and our students 

6. To create and promote awareness of all sources of bias, including but not limited to  internet, print and social media. 

7. To ensure that the school and the classroom environments reflect the diversity of the student body and the wider Ithaca community by ensuring that students and all families  see themselves reflected within the fabric of the school. 

8. To have Waldorf students known as individuals who advocate for others, appreciate  differences, and feel responsible for being caretakers within the world 

9. To maintain a healthy practice of self-reflection, reviewing our actions and interactions  so that they strengthen the social health of the school 

10. To create a space for healthy dialogue 

11. To support innovative and refreshing advances within and around Waldorf education including, but not limited to the curriculum and daily rhythms. 

12. To share with families, staff, Faculty and Board members resources which are inclusive  and equitable, thereby supporting the IWS Diversity Statement 

Reports to: the IWS Faculty 

2020-21 Membership: Recommended Chair – IWS Faculty member 

Kaori Teramura (Chair), Beth Myers, Alejandra Diemecke, Emily Butler, Kristina Winkelmann,  Ann Piombino, Katie Church, Valentina Ardiles, Liz Hess, Christina Mead, Kelsey Witkiewicz,  Deborah Levy, Rich Rose