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Dover Sherborn Public Schools
157 Farm Street    
Dover, Massachusetts  02030  
Public School District
12 2100 students


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Employer Description
Dover and Sherborn are historic and picturesque residential towns located 20 miles west of Boston. The PK-12 public schools of Dover and Sherborn comprise three Massachusetts school districts and educate 2074 students in four schools: two town-based elementary schools, a regional middle school and an acclaimed regional high school.
Diversity Mission Statement
The Dover-Sherborn Public Schools are committed to producing graduates who are ready for college, career, and life in a diverse world. We are committed to ensuring that every student has the greatest opportunity to learn through equitable access to the resources and supports that they need to meet our district’s standard of excellence. We recognize that equity is essential to achieving equality and as such, we are committed to closing the racial opportunity gap through measures including: Creating learning communities rooted in culturally responsive pedagogy; Empowering all learners with the understanding of how -- whether it be through action or inaction --- systemic and institutional inequities are created and/or perpetuated and the role and responsibility of every citizen to identify and dismantle such inequities; Fostering a school climate and culture in which all students feel a sense of belonging and safety; and Providing learners with the resources and academic support necessary to eliminate barriers to equitable participation in courses and programs. It is, therefore, the expectation of the School Committees that District educators are committed to working daily to dismantle systems that perpetuate historical inequities. Toward this end, the School Committees commit to supporting and partnering with our educators in the examination of systemic, institutional, and individual biases that serve to reinforce these inequities.