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Wolf School
215 Ferris Avenue    
East Providence, Rhode Island  02806  
Private/Independent School
k 8 60 students


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At The Wolf School, we believe that a small school setting makes a difference for children experiencing multiple learning difficulties. With a class size between 4-11 students and a teacher-student ratio of no more than 1:4, we can provide a nurturing, developmental approach to independent academic success. Learning at The Wolf School is individualized for optimal results and incorporates technology supports and hands-on experiential lessons to meet the specific needs of our students. Wolf fosters a safe, caring, creative environment where children not only learn — they thrive. In contrast with a “pull out” model where students receive academic, speech, or occupational therapy support during the day in a separate room, The Wolf School created an Immersion Model© whereby therapeutic support is integrated within the entire curriculum throughout the day in each classroom. The Immersion Model© utilizes a team of professionals (academic teacher, speech pathologist, and occupational therapist) working with small instructional groups (1:4 maximum) to ensure lessons integrate language, sensory, and social skills. This unique educational approach allows our students to attend to the task and be ready to learn. As a result, we see students triumph, meeting academic and personal goals, acquiring a love for learning, and taking on social situations with confidence and skill.
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