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Orchard House School
500 North Allen Ave    
Richmond, Virginia  23220  
Private/Independent School
5 8 80 students


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Employer Description

Orchard House School is a carefully designed middle school for girls in grades five through eight, located in Richmond, Virginia’s Historic Fan District. Every aspect of the Orchard House School education is deliberately based on the developmental and academic needs of girls.


We honor our planned vision for the school by welcoming girls of varying strengths from over 20 different schools and zip codes. We are proud of our graduates as they return to diverse public, private, parochial and governor’s high schools and are consistently recognized for their achievements, talents and contributions. Leadership is at the heart of the curriculum, with programs designed to ensure that our girls have the skills and opportunities to develop a sense of leadership and commitment to the broader community.

Diversity Mission Statement

Orchard House School is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where girls learn to use their personal and collective voices for the good of all. The wealth of individual differences is the heart of the school community. The many variables of diversity develop our capacity for understanding and in turn build and strengthen our humanity. At the core of an Orchard House education is the cultivation of respect both for one’s self and for all others. An Orchard House education aspires to create a culture where respect, encouragement, and care distinguish interactions both inside and outside of the classroom.