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Academy of Hope PCS
Academy of Hope Adult PCS   2315 18th Place, NE  
Washington, District of Columbia  20018  


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Employer Description
Academy of Hope is an adult public charter school in Washington D.C., offering excellence in adult education since 1985. As a Washington, DC-based workforce development and adult education provider, our mission is to provide high quality adult education and services that change lives and improve our communities. Our work focuses on helping DC residents gain skills and knowledge through education and career training that will enable them to pursue viable paths to economic self-sufficiency.
Diversity Mission Statement

Academy of Hope Adult Public Charter School (AoH) expressly embraces people of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, ages, sexual orientations, religions/spirituality, and backgrounds. We strive to create an inclusive environment where race, seen and unseen disabilities, and other identifiers do not pre-determine one’s future but rather where everyone is valued and adds value.

Throughout history, marginalized people have fought for their rights to freedom, justice, and education. The American education system continues to be plagued by discrimination, homophobia/transphobia, classism, and racism. There are still policies, procedures, and practices that negatively impact members of these communities. 

As an adult public charter school, AoH acknowledges history and the impact it continues to have in the present. We are focused on creating a more just and fair future for our communities. AoH recognizes the economic burden of education access; we offer a free comprehensive education along with a transportation subsidy. We show support to our LGBTQIA+ community by opening the doors for gender identity and “Safe Zone” training because we know that gender is not binary. Every day we challenge inherent bias and racism so that we are more conscious of white-dominant culture and the black- and brown-experience. The AoH community understands that both seen and unseen disabilities should be treated with equal priority. We continue to adopt new practices and develop a climate that is welcoming. We are changing every day. 

Our charge is to provide avenues and tools to combat systemic racism within Academy of Hope’s walls and beyond. Through education, we hope to equip our community members to advocate against and challenge systemic racism. We hope to share knowledge with others in our sector and beyond.

Read the August 2021 statement from our DEI Task Force here


We are committed to advancing racial equity as both a process and an outcome. As a process, we commit to applying an equity lens to prioritize those that have been historically and systematically marginalized. By doing so, our outcome is an equitable community where our stakeholders are well-equipped to address the systems of unfairness and inequity. 

Community- AoH fosters an atmosphere where individuals can be completely present as their authentic self. We seek to advance values, attitudes, and beliefs that promote caring for one another. We believe we are stronger together and that representation for the people we serve matters. 

Acceptance- AoH respects the inherent dignity and worth of every individual. We remain open-minded as we acknowledge each individual’s complex identities and our collective differences. To us, every person is worthy and we expect teachers, staff, learners, and community members to come as their true selves. 

Respect –  At AoH, we believe that every human is deserving of respect and respect is an action. Respecting someone means engaging, learning, and trying to understand individuals’ experiences. At Academy of Hope we are encouraging self-love and a deep understanding, appreciation, and regard for our communities. 

Empowerment AoH aims to purposefully recruit and engage community members who understand the power in every person. Our community is committed to actively listening and amplifying voices and lived experiences that are often unheard as a means to propel change.

Service- Our ultimate goal is to serve all learners responsibly. We strive to be good stewards of the trust learners place in us by consistently reviewing our practices, programs, and structures to ensure we are advancing learners’ stated best interests.