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Liberty Grove Schools
1002 W 25th St    
Indianapolis, Indiana  46208  
Charter School
6 300 students


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Employer Description
At Liberty Grove, we envision a community of academic excellence that sparks innovation and creates opportunities. We achieve this by empowering students of diverse backgrounds and removing labels through community building, high standards of excellence, and embracing a wide variety of learning opportunities.

We encourage and empower a commitment to excellence for all students in every community.

  • We believe in the positive intersection of community and school and the collective ownership of raising well-educated, civic-minded children.
  • We find the best in our students and accept them for who they are.
  • We use our beliefs to act as a motivator and embrace the power of “why not us?”

We visualize that our learning community at Liberty lives out our core values of:

  1. Commitment: We believe every student deserves an opportunity to participate in an exceptional educational environment. This belief will inspire us every day to demand the best for ourselves and our students. Liberty’s school community is committed to creating and sustaining a high-performing, hardworking, collaborative environment that propels success.
  2. Perseverance: We recognize that our work requires a long-term commitment and a continual evolution. However, we believe our students, staff, and community partners will view those setbacks in life as opportunities to persevere and remain focused on the objective of success no matter what and at all costs.
  3. Community: We believe Liberty’s high academics and cultural expectations are the responsibilities of that entire community which Liberty serves. And understand that for sustained success to happen, we must all do our part as a community of learners to ensure each student reaches their full potential.
  4. Service: We believe in purposeful and meaningful collaboration with the greater Indianapolis community.
  5. Pride: Our school environment will be a prideful and joyful place that discovers and cultivates students’ – and our own – sources of joy and passion. We actively work to ensure our school is where students, staff, and the community will enjoy being and have regular opportunities to do what they do best.
Diversity Mission Statement